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    Tower of Fantasy Food Crafting Guide

    Stunning character, spectacular storyline, and many other interesting things. This sci-fi adventurous open-world game is out with many new features. Genshin Impact players will definitely love Tower of Fantasy for its futuristic gameplay. The exceptional feature is food crafting. If you don’t know how to craft food, then you have landed at the right place for the Tower of Fantasy food crafting guide.

    Tower of Fantasy Guide: Food Crafting

    Tower of Fantasy Guide: Food Crafting
    Tower of Fantasy Guide: Food Crafting

    The Tower of Fantasy has features like no more. And food crafting is a supreme feature. Health is essential for anyone; in-game as well. It is crucial to boost health and well-being. This needs to improve especially after the combat. And here are all the foods that need to be prepare and craft the food items.

    Crafting the food requires you to reach four-legged machines to prepare it. You need to have 15 materials as basics to learn how to craft any type of food. The proposition of the materials is an important point to remember. Here’s an example of an Apple Soda. If you need to have 2 apples, 1 honey, and 1 water. This will compose only 35% of the food. To attain 100% of this composition, you have to increase the other ingredients like water to 15 to complete the food.

    In farming materials, you need to find the plants which may not have the food. As the game is in the shared world, someone might have taken the food already. In that case, here’s our recommendation. You can change your server and look in there for food items you want. Our pro tip is to always collect honey as it’s the most wanted food crafting item.

    Food Category and Success Rate

    There are 4 types of food items as Purple, Blue, Green, and White. In the order of the best food grade, Purple is the best one. And the lowest is White. All of these categories have 67 food items. This is crucial for the success rate.

    The success rate is the score when you cook a new recipe and add more ingredients. But you can increase your success rate with this ideal tip. You can increase the quantity of the ingredients instead of adding multiple ingredients.

    Ultimate Foods

    Ultimate Foods
    Ultimate Foods

    There are four ultimate food items you should always have.

    The first one is the Ballon Fruit Salad. You will need 2 Ballon Fruits, 2 Tomatoes, and 1 Salad Dressing. To learn this recipe, we recommend you have more dressing. It increases the health instantly by 16% +34,000 HP. And it will recover the hunger points by 10 points.

    The second food is the Firedragon Fruit Tea. You should have two Honey and Dragon Fruit each. For the ideal recipe, add 4 Fire Dragons, 2 Honey, and 7 Water. This will recover the hunger points by 10 and it also increases the damage. Such as Flame Damage by 1% and Flame Attack by +80.

    The third one is the Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin. You have to add two Sea Urchins and Poultry Eggs each. For the best result, you should add 3 Sea Urchins, 2 Poultry Eggs, and 11 Water. It helps to recover quickly by 15% and recovers the hunger points by 10.

    The fourth and most elite food is Nut Tea. This tea is cooked with 2 Hazelnuts, 2 Pinecone, and 2 Honey. And to prep, its best version, you should add 1 Hazelnut, 2 Pinecone, 2 Honey and the rest is Water. It will recover the hunger points by 20 points. And improves health instantly by 20%.

    Here we conclude the details of the ultimate food. The Tower of Fantasy food crafting guide will provide all the facts about food, its categories, and what is ultimate foods. This guide will help you in crafting food and preparing new recipes. Go ahead and learn the new recipes for the Tower of Fantasy.

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