Top March 2022 Anime that you can’t miss

    There are a large number of animes that are set to be released this month. We have curated a list of the top March 2022 anime that you should not miss at all. These animes will be available on platforms such as Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. We also cover a lot of Best-of’s and animation content so be sure to check those out as well. Let’s get right into our list.

    7. Thermae Romae Novae

    • Release Date: 28th March 2022
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Studio: NAZ

    Thermae Romae Novae follows Lucius who is a bathhouse architect in the Ancient Roman Empire. When he loses his job, his friend takes him to a bath to relax. There he transports to present-day Japan. It is adapted from the manga series of the same name.

    6. Kotaro Lives Alone

    • Release Date: 10th March 2022
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Studio: Asbirds

    Kotaro Lives Alone is adapted from the manga of the same name which is written by Mami Tsumura. The anime follows Shin Karino, a manga artist who spends his days meaninglessly in his apartment. One day, he comes across his new neighbor, Kotaro, a 5-year-old child who will be living alone. Shin starts to take care of Kotaroand learns what adult responsibility feels like.

    5. Ensemble Stars!! Road to Show!!

    • Release Date: 4th March 2022
    • Genre: School Life
    • Studio: Cascalia Studio

    Ensemble Stars!! Road to Show!! is a theatrical anime that takes place in New York City as the characters attend an Idol Film Festival.

    4. Jujutsu Kaisen: 0 Movie

    • Release Date: 18th March 2022
    • Genre: Action, adventure
    • Studio: MAPPA

    Jujutsu Kaisen: 0 Movie follows Yuta Okkotsu who gains control of a very powerful and cursed spirit. He gets enrolled in the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School by sorcerers to help him control his powers and to keep an eye on him.

    3. Blue Thermal

    • Release Date: 4th March 2022
    • Genre: Drama
    • Studio: Telecom Animation Film

    Blue Thermal is adapted from the manga series of the same name. The story centers around Tamaki Tsuru who was into sports her entire school life until high school. She wants to seek an active romantic life once she enters college. In a turn of events, she has to join her university’s glider club.

    2. Rust-Eater Bisco

    • Release Date: 8th march 2022 (latest episode)
    • Genre: Adventure fiction
    • Studio: Studio Oz

    Rust-Eater Bisco is adapted from the light novel series of the name Sabikui Bisco. The anime follows Bisco Akahoshi who embarks on a mission through the sandy wastes to obtain a mushroom known as the Rust Eater. This happens after his teacher falls prey to the rust.

    1. Attack on Titan

    • Release Date: 6th March 2022 (latest episode)
    • Genre: Action fiction, Dark fantasy
    • Studio: MAPPA

    Attack on Titan is our number one pick. The latest episode follows a future where Jean envisions a happy future. Meanwhile, Jaegerists have surrounded the port and Floch has taken Azumabito hostage.

    We hope that this list will help you find out your new favorite anime this month. This is all for the top March 2022 anime. For more content like this keep following Retrology.

    Amel Aamer
    Amel Aamer
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