Top 5 highly rated games of October 2021

    October is no short of good games. Numerous games have been released this month that have got decent ratings. While a few weeks back, we covered the top anticipated games that were released in October 2021. Now, it’s time to assess which ones actually lived the users’ expectations. For that, we have compiled a list of the top 5 highly rated games of this month.

    All of the following games have received a good score from other publishers but we have ranked based on their concept, unique elements, and overall impact. Let’s discuss the games without any further delay.

    5. Far Cry 6

    top games of october
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    We have started with the latest installment of the Far Cry series. Yes, Far Cry 6 is good. We all know that it offers plenty of things like open-world exploration, tons of weapons, fast-paced and stealth action, an original story with a celebrity cast, and more. Being a AAA game and an already established franchise, Far Cry 6 was bound to be successful – not necessarily, we know. However, due to the same reasons, we have put it in the 5th place as it has majorly followed its root and hasn’t brought anything that is drastically new in the market or the franchise itself.

    • IGN: 8/10
    • Metacritic: 75%
    • GameSpot: 7/10
    • PC Gamer: 75%

    4. Back 4 Blood

    back 4 blood
    via Windows Central

    Next on the list, we have the new multiplayer and co-op zombie shooting game, Back 4 Blood. Released on 12th October, the game instantly got a good fanbase. Apart from being great entertainment, one factor for its success was also that it shared a lot of features and gameplay from the well-known game of the past, Left 4 Dead. The reason is that the developers of both the games are the same. Despite offering both multiplayer and campaign, we have placed it in 4th place as it is also based on a similar model and there is nothing wrong with that. However, for our ranking, we look for something different. Something that involves higher risk and expectations.

    • IGN: 8/10
    • Metacritic: 78%
    • GameSpot: 7/10
    • PC Gamer: 88%

    3. Resident Evil 4 VR

    via Game Informer

    On number 3, we have Resident Evil 4 VR. Needless to say, Resident Evil 4 is one of the greatest games of all time. The gameplay was revolutionary, the story was interesting, the music and direction were on point. Everything was epic. So, bringing this classic into VR and adapting to modern gameplay changes was a challenge. Not forgetting that there were some expectations from the loyal fanbase globally. However, the new version of Resident Evil 4 was a success. Not only did it satisfy the old players but it proved to be a hit among the users who never experienced the original game. The developers did a fine job in transitioning the game to virtual reality and give us a nostalgic feel of horror.

    • IGN: 9/10
    • Metacritic: 85%
    • GameSpot: 9/10
    • Game Rant: 4.5/5

    2. Metroid Dread

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    The stakes are very high when you have to revive a canceled project of the series that actually invented a new genre – Metroidvania. Metroid is one of the most popular games of all time and it doesn’t get sequels like other games such as Far Cry, Call of Duty, and more. So, making a new entry in such a series is no child’s play. The tiniest of flaws can upset the millions of diehard fans. However, thankfully, Metroid Dread not only lived up to the expectations but became a huge success. The game has received praise from multiple platforms and is being considered one of the best games of the year.

    • IGN: 9/10
    • Metacritic: 88%
    • GameSpot: 8/10
    • Trusted Reviews: 5/5

    1. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

    guardians of the galaxy
    via Square Enix

    Yes, our number one pick is Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy. Let us explain. For the past few years, the gaming industry has been focused majorly on multiplayer gaming for the profits and success of the game. The demand for multiplayer is so high that any game that doesn’t offer it feels incomplete. Popular single-player games like Dark Souls and Red Dead Redemption 2 also feature online play. Moreover, some campaign-based games once completely shifted to multiplayer only. One fine example is Call of Duty.

    Furthermore, making a game based on films hasn’t been a thing of the recent past. Back in the days, games like Kung Fu Panda, Scarface, Bee Movie Game were a hit but nowadays people don’t expect much from a movie-based game. However, despite all the doubts, and limitations, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy fully delivered. The game has reminded us that single-player linear story-focused games can still be a lot of fun. While the game received a few complaints like Peter Quill being the only playable character, overall it is being considered a huge success. For us, the game has surpassed our expectations. Therefore, if you haven’t yet played it, we recommend that you do so.

    • IGN: 8/10
    • Metacritic: 77%
    • Game Informer: 8.5/10
    • Neowin: 9/10

    Notable Mentions

    While these games couldn’t make our list. We would like to give these the due praise they deserve by listing them in our notable mentions. The following games have also received great reviews and are highly suggested for your next play.

    Talha Saqib
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