Tinykin Level 6 Candle Locations

    You play Milo in the puzzle game Tinykin. You arrived on Earth in 1991, but you are tiny. To survive, you must capture hundreds of enigmatic Tinykin, who can use their abilities to build bridges, ladders, and explosives to lead you home. In this guide, we will help you with all the candle locations of level 6 in Tinykin.

    To overcome challenges and solve riddles in your way, you must gather a sufficient number of the appropriate kind of toy helper beings. As you proceed, you investigate ant, beetle, and other insect cities constructed inside a massive mansion. To move around the house more quickly, you find a skateboard, which you can use to hop, grind, and even hover.

    As you piece together what has happened to the world, each person you speak to shares their tale with you. As you move along, you gather upgrades to finish Ridmi’s mystery gadget, expand the Ardwin Museum, and enhance Milo’s bubble pack.

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    Tinykin Level 6 Candle Locations

    1. First Candle

    You will find the first candle on top of a bunch of decorative candles. It is located on the topmost “floor” of the shelf. You can get there by making your way by jumping on the giant leaves of a potted plant near the shelf.

    2. Second Candle

    The second candle is placed right beneath the first one. Make your way to one “floor” below the decorative candles. Make sure to pull down the rope to get back up later.

    The Second Candle is right above the box with 3 legos placed on it.

    3. Third Candle

    Make your way down another “floor” of the shelf. The Third Candle can be seen under a giant leaf.

    4. Fourth Candle

    The Fourth Candle is on the same shelf space as the Third one. But to get to it you need to climb onto the leaves that will help you be on eye level with the candle.

    5. Fifth Candle

    Climb down from the giant shelf and go near the potted plant with the giant leaves. The Fifth Candle is by the edge of the table beside the plant.

    6. Sixth Candle

    Make your way to the floor. Right below the Fifth Candle, you will find the Sixth Candle beside a mailbox.

    7. Seventh Candle

    For the Seventh Candle, you need to move the toy box. Keep hitting it to move it to the right. It will also slide down a ramp for you to go up to later.

    The Seventh Candle is directly behind the ramp that falls down inside a narrow alleyway.

    8. Eighth Candle

    The Eight Candle is up the ramp. Inside the window to the left.

    9. Ninth Candle

    The Ninth Candle can be found a little later in the game. When sliding from one platform to the other you can find the Candle resting on one of the leaves of the potted plant.

    Tinykin Level 6 Candle Locations

    10. Tenth Candle

    The Tenth Candle is parallel to the decorative candles shelf again. It is placed on the topmost leaf of the potted plant beside the shelf.


    Once you collect all the Candles in the Room you will get the Nightlight Trophy.

    Tinykin Level 6 Candle Locations

    Many other adventures await you and your tinykins army. Go forth and find a way back home.

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