Tier 2 Excavating Locations in Lost Ark

    Co-developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG, Lost Ark is one of the biggest games to be released in February 2022. With its unique gameplay and adventure theme, it attracted so many players that within 24hrs it became the second most played game on Steam. However, one of the most vital life skills to level up as you progress in Lost Arks is archeology/excavating. And many players do get stuck in finding the best excavating locations, if you are also one of them then worry no more because in this guide we will help you find the best tier 2 excavating locations in Lost Ark.

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    Tier 2 Excavating Locations – #1

    At the southwest of the map, you have a location named Yorn and on the north coast of Yorn, you will find an island called the Azure Wind Island. At the Azure Wind Island, you will find many tier 2 excavating materials with numerous spawns. Another quality thing about this location is that it has a very small number of enemies and even those are pretty weak enemies, so feel free to roam around at this location to get your hand on excavating material.

    Excavating Location #2

    Tier 2 Excavating Locations in Lost Ark

    Another location to level up your excavating life skills is in Yorn at the Iron Hammer mine. At the north of the Iron Hammer mine, you will find many excavating materials, iron nodes, and relics that spawn frequently. However, you will encounter a whole bunch of enemies at this location as well, so make sure your eye level is high enough to take them down easily.

    Tier 2 Excavating Locations in Lost Ark

    That is all on Tier 2 excavating locations in Lost Ark. To know about how to complete Lost Ark Crook Catcher Quest or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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