GamingRole-PlayingThymesia Talents Guide (Explanation & Usage)

    Thymesia Talents Guide (Explanation & Usage)

    Thymesia, developed by Over Border Studio and published by Team 17, is a grueling action-packed RPG with a dramatically modified combat and an abstruse plague weapon system. 

    The players will play as Corvus who is an incredibly witty and powerful doctor, given the task of finding a cure for the plague that has consumed his entire kingdom. As Corvus finds his path through many humanoid and monstrous creatures, he will also come across a wide variety of weapons and techniques to help him in this bone-chilling mission. 

    For smooth gameplay and to get a better chance at fighting these vicious creatures, there is a certain order of talents you should know and follow. If you don’t know what it is yet, don’t worry because we will let you know all about it in this Thymesia Talents Guide.


    You will receive one talent point every time you level up till you have reached level 25. So apparently you aren’t running out of options anytime soon which is awesome of course. You can also switch through your talents freely at any resting point in the game. So feel free to dally around! 

    There are a few talents that hold more weight than others. These should not be missed as they give you a chance to maximize your effectiveness in combat. These are:

    Sharp Weapons

    As you progress through the early portions of the game, you will find that the majority of your wound damage comes from your Sabre so make sure to keep it working at all times. Sharp weapons are an excellent Sabre talent. Each rank increases your Sabre damage.

    Another important Sabre talent is Healing Execution. In fact, attaining this should be one of your first priorities in the game! One rank in this Talent will heal you and restore Energy every time you Execute an enemy.

    Long Claw

    To make sure you inflict enough wound damage, you will need your claw in a good shape at all times. You will be given access to only a single attack by the Long Claw Lv1, initially which is automatically unlocked. 

    Thymesia Talents Guide

    But, if you manage to get a hold of Long Claw Lv2 under the “Claw” tree, you can get an additional follow-up attack that hits for 30% more. Then you can update to Long Claw Lv3 directly under it to apply a bleed effect after using claw attacks.

    Plague Wounds

    You will be able to automatically unlock Plague Wounds Lv1 pretty early in the game which grants you the ability to apply wounds to your enemies with various types of attacks. 

    Thymesia Talents Guide

    You can do this by heading over to the “Strategies” tree and unlocking Plague Wounds Lv2 and Lv3 to extend the time before wounds begin to heal, which strategically gives you enough opportunities to move in with claw attacks and finish off your enemies for good.


    Unfortunately, your health pool is pretty limited. You might time and again need to reduce damage in any way you can. The “Strategies” tree are Blessing Lv1 and Lv2, which can grant you a 30% chance to decrease incoming damage by 10% or 20%, respectively. 

    Thymesia Talents Guide

    These figures might not look like much right now but they may just save your life. 

    First Aid

    After successfully unlocking Blessing Lv1 and Lv2, you can get your hands on what you might call a life-saving talent. Grab the First Aid in the “Strategies” tree and use a potion that will allow you to live for another fight no matter what your health bar says. 

    Thymesia Talents Guide

    This can only be triggered once per rest. It may prove very influential in your battles against the most ferocious of bosses

    This was all about the Thymesia Talents Guide. For more helpful guides like this, keep following Retrology.

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