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    Thymesia Memory Seeker Trophy Guide

    In Thymesia, you play as Corvus. He, being a hero, can halt the epidemic that is devouring the country and save the monarchical civilization by taking Hermes’ Answer to the core of the huge tree. If you manage to get all the endings, you’ll get the Thymesia Memory Seeker Trophy. You need to be careful, though, as the wrong combinations of cores can lead to an unhappy finish, plunging the kingdom into destruction.

    All Five Endings: How to get them

    In-game, there are five possible endings: Chaotic Power, Power of Vile Blood, Blessing of Pure Blood, Harmonized Force, and Power of Cleansing. You must complete the following to see each of these endings and obtain the “Memory Seeker” trophy/achievement. Here is how you can do that.

    1. Win the final boss fight
    2. Choose a core combination for Hermes’ Answer
    3. Watch the ending and decide whether it is the truth or not
    4. Return to Philosopher’s Hill
    5. Repeat this process until you have seen every Thymesia ending.
    • Defeat the final boss battle.
    • Choose the core combination before the closed doors and then go it to interact with the middle point present.
    • Watch the ending and obtain the ending as a true ending.
    • Cancel at the last moment, just before the credits roll to go back to the place where you put in the core combination, Philosopher’s Hill.
    • Repeat these steps until you’ve seen and gotten all the five endings.

    While the vast number of endings may appear overwhelming at first, each can be obtained by just using the perfect combination of cores. Keep in mind these need to be in the right order in two particular instances.

    Combinations of Cores

    Combinations of Cores
    Combinations of Cores

    Power Of Vile Blood Ending: The options you need to pick are:

    • Odur’s core
    • Fool’s god’s core

    Blessing of Pure Blood Ending: The options you need to pick are:

    • Urd’s core
    • Varg’s core

    Harmonized Force Ending: The options you need to pick are:

    • Mutated Odur’s core
    • The Hanged Queen’s core

    Power of Cleansing Ending: The options you need to pick are:

    • Mutated Odur’s core
    • The Hanged Queen’s core

    After the second selection, immediately press the button to move forward so you can sacrifice yourself and get the Cleaning ending.

    Chaotic Power Ending: This ending can be obtained by combining any two core types for Hermes’ Solution which can be a combination of these two types:

    • Pure Blood and Vile Blood
    • Pure Blood and Fused Blood
    • Vile Blood and Fused Blood

    For example:

    • Varg’s Core and The Hanged Queen’s Core
    • Urd’s core and Sound of the Abyss’ core

    Pick any combination that does not trigger any of the previous endings. This is the ending you will get if you solely play the story missions and ignore all of the side tasks.

    Thymesia Memory Seeker Trophy: Answering Yes or No

    After the final boss fight, you will reach a place called Philosopher’s Hill. Here, you will choose the combination you want. Then, the game will inquire, “Is this the truth?” after watching each of the endings. The player can select “YES” or “NO.” If the player selects “YES,” the credits will begin to roll and the game will end. This wouldn’t let you go back and experience other endings.

    Whereas, if you select “NO”, you will immediately return the player to Philosopher’s Hill and from there you can experiment and experience other endings.

    That’s all on how to get Thymesia Memory Seeker Trophy and hopefully, this will be helpful. Also, do check out Thymesia Talents Guide (Explanation & Usage for information on talents in the game.

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