Things you need to know about the Spear in GTFO

    GTFO is an extreme horror shooting and action game developed and published by 10 Chambers. The game got a new update on 10th December 2021. GTFO has received very positive reviews from gamers until now. In this guide, we will tell you the 7 things to know about the Spear in GTFO.

    1) 8 taps to break a lock

    It takes 8 taps to break a lock with the spear. You can also charge 70%-80% to break a lock.

    2) You cannot charge up when you’re sprinting

    While you are sprinting you cannot charge up but you can go ahead and tap.

    3) Killing Scouts

    You can use the spear to kill the scouts very easily. When you see a scout approaching just aim for its head with the spear and kill it.

    4) IIX syringe

    You can kill giants with the IIX syringe if you land the blow on the back of the giant’s head.

    5) The Spear can kill the Floaters

    The weird monster floaters that you see can be killed by the spear. Just land the blow right through them one by one.

    6) You can delay hits

    It is not important to land the hits all at once. You can delay hits while trying to kill enemies.

    7) The Spear can do multiple kills

    Use the spear to kill off multiple enemies in different locations.

    These are all of the things you need to know about the Spear in GTFO. For more guides like this keep following Retrology!

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    Amel Aamer
    Amel Aamer
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