The Witch’s House MV is finally out on Switch as well

    The best of horror RPG games The Witch’s House MV is now on Switch. The publisher DANGEN Entertainment has announced previously about the mega release of the game on the Switch platform. This game is amazing with puzzles and adventures are hidden behind every door. Let’s begin with insights into The Witch’s House MV Switch version details.

    The Witch’s House MV: Trailer

    The Witch’s House MV Switch was released on October 13, 2022. The version has also released a trailer.

    The trailer recalls us of the gameplay of the Witch’s House MV. And also shows what the Switch version gameplay looks like. This trailer of almost minutes shows the various forms of the game. This horror gameplay has puzzles in a pixel-art style. That’s quite cute.

    This RPG game is from the era of the Japanese traditional games with puzzle solving and jump scares. It was released in 2012. The traps on every corner will keep players on their toes and always guarded. The pixel art style graphics are lovely and even adorable by old school fans.

    The gameplay is about Viola. She seems to enter a mansion which keeps changing the routes and pathways. Resolve the complex puzzles to survive. And try to stay alive through the terrific corridors of The Witch’s House.

    Death will catch you unpredictable and will leave you surprised. The new features make the game more enjoyable. The fresh unlockable difficulty levels will always keep alert. And fixed save points are another great advantage – just keep looking for the talking black car.

    The Witch’s House MV Switch Version price

    You can have this horror action game for $15. And it takes 395 MB space as well. It’s quite affordable for the players looking to sharpen their minds by solving puzzles. With remastered design, it’s even more fun to play. Switch players are excited to have it.

    Eventually, the fans were really excited with the version as Switch players were unable to use it. Luckily, they can now be part of your gaming league. I would recommend you to try the Switch version. It’s worth a try. And for more gaming content, check the Gaming section of Retrology.

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