GamingHorrorThe Devil in Me - Toasty Trophy Guide

    The Devil in Me – Toasty Trophy Guide

    In The Devil in Me game chapter, the scary truths get unfolded with each chapter. Moving on from chapter to chapter, you have to get through the scenes and silently claim rewards. This guide to The Devil In Me Toasty Trophy Achievement will help to complete this achievement. With pin-drop silence in one of the most intense scenes with Charlie.

    The Devil in Me: Toasty Trophy

    Charlie is one of the most intense characters that you will meet in the game. This character is the most polarizing one but with no doubt, he’s a great leader. Charlie tries to claim the leadership of the team. This unfit crew has to survive through the villains and get the achievements done to live long.

    In the Dinner Chapter, you will see the tense scene of Charlie looking through the other members of the team. This will be the character development of each through their choices of response to queries and actions. This scene will help you win the achievement if you try to help Charlie stay cool and get the reward calmly.

    How to Claim the Toasty Trophy Achievement

    After a series of time-trial quests and thrilling challenges, you can now have a break from them. After your physical contribution, your mental capacity will be judged. Here, Charlie will be sitting down with the crew and going through the event of the day. As the topic start, the name of Du’Met appears. As he disappears from the island, suspicions arise in everyone about him.

    Charlie here will try to hold the crew together and get them to a pep talk. This scene will determine the thoughts of the crew members and their mental situation about the tough times. As a player, you have to stay composed and claim the achievement. Or else, you will represent yourself as a demotivated player and lose the achievement.

    My suggestion for you is to choose the most confrontational options from the option when they prompt on the screen. A few players might get through the achievement by choosing some offensive or aggressive responses. But we have to make sure that your responses are easy and non-aggressive.

    Most Appropriate Responses in Charlie’s Dialogue

    Most Appropriate Responses in Charlie's Dialogue
    Most Appropriate Responses in Charlie’s Dialogue

    When Charlie begins to get through the questions, here are some of the options that you need to choose from. Those are:

    • REASSURING – I’m sure he has a good reason
    • PLAYFUL – I found a pack of invisible cigarettes
    • ENTHUSIASTIC – I would like to toast all of you
    • APPRECIATIVE – Erin, we could be lost without you
    • AUTHORATIVE – I’ll be having a strong word

    The first two dialogues can be hostile but the third one is essential for you to answer correctly. This will win you the trophy. After you answer correctly, all the crew members will leave the table. In the end, Charlie will be sitting at the table and the trophy will be rewarded to you.

    The Devil In Me Toasty Trophy guide is very easy to get through with the dialogues. You have to stay cool and get through the dialogue sot strengthen your position. If you are looking for more guides on The Devil in Me, then check the Guides page on Retrology for smooth progress in-game.

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