GamingFirst-Person ShooterThe Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands Locations

    The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands Locations

    The Cycle: Frontier is an exciting and risky free-to-play first-person shooter game. It lets you explore an abandoned alien world almost destroyed by natural disasters and was inhabited by monsters. Here we will talk about The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands Locations.

    Marie Gilbert, Chief Procurement Officer, assigns the quest of Toxic Love in which Toxic Glands are needed. Swamp area by the rivers is the best and maybe only location to find them so far.

    Not by snooping around but by defeating Blast Ticks (Red) and Acid Ticks (Green). Toxic Gland is the part of Rare Materials which makes it harder to find sometimes.

    To find Toxic Glands, we need to follow the Toxic Love Storyline so we can reach there to obtain toxic glands. The two stages needed for this quest are the following:

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    Toxic Love #1

    Once you’ve talked to Marie, the quest instructor, follow where she tells you to go. First she will tell you to go to Comms Tower in Bright Sands to store some things. Then you will go exactly behind the tower and there you can drop the required items; Rare Data Drives and specifically 8 Smoke Grenades.

    The location, Comms Tower, where you have to store materials.
    The location, Comms Tower, where you have to store materials.

    Come back and talk to Marie again and she will reward you with the statistics as mentioned:

    • 310 FP
    • 8 ICA Scrip
    • 8500 K-Marks

    Toxic Love #2

    After completing part 1 of the questline, you will go to the next portion of the questline. This will be more of a shipping section than a stashing section. To begin, you must deliver 3 Toxic Glands, 10 Alloys, and 7 Hydraulic Pistons.

    Simply look about the area, especially in the swamps and rivers, for different varieties of ticks. To increase your chances of discovering Acid or Blast Ticks, run between Swamp Camp and Rock Pools. Simply slay these monsters and loot the Toxic Glands they drop.

    Swamp Area where Toxic Glands can be found, in the The Cycle map.

    Once the materials are delivered, you will get these rewards:

    • 380 FP
    • 11 ICA Scrip
    • 9400 K-Marks.

    This is it for The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands Locations and I hope this guide has helped you understand it.

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