GamingPvPTestament, Guilty Gear -Strive- Everything you need to know

    Testament, Guilty Gear -Strive- Everything you need to know

    Testament is a non-binary character in the Japanese video game series, Guilty Gear who has caught a lot of attention as they were recently added to the latest release/sequel of the game, Guilty Gear Strive. Guilty Gear characters are notorious for their easy-to-play style and reading combos.

    Before we begin, do check out our character analysis of May from Guilty Gear Strive that we covered previously.


    Testament was introduced in the first Guilty Gear game as the adopted child of Kliff who found testament during the war. Therefore, testament looked up to him and joined the soldiers to fight, even though he was a pacifist. Shortly after, they got caught in a trap and were converted into a gear. Like all the other gears, Testament also becomes humanity’s enemy after falling under the influence of Justice. Even with Justice’s fall, testament fails to escape her control and makes an attempt to bring justice back by sacrificing their blood.

    Testament later returns when Dizzy, the daughter of justice, is introduced. Upon realizing that Dizzy is feared and is wanted dead just for being a gear, testament swears to protect her and accompanies her in the game. Later on, when Dizzy no longer needs Testament, they leave to live with people who cared for Dizzy initially.

    Testaments return to the guilty gear screen for the first time in a long time has everyone excited.

    Fighting style

    Testament excels in the mid-range fighting with a variety of projectiles. Take control of the field by combining these projectiles with long-range normal attacks.

    Stain State

    Certain moves put the opponent into a stain state. A follow-up attack will occur when you hit the opponent with certain moves while they are in a stained state. You can go into a combo after the follow-up attack hits, or maintain your offense when blocked. Use this opportunity to go on the offense.

    Grave Reaper

    Testament strikes forward with their scythe, sending out a projectile. The slash version sends the projectile forward, while the heavy slash version moves at a diagonal. The scythe strike also has a hitbox and combos into the projectile on hit. The properties of the projectile change if you hold down the button for each version. Such as increasing the active frames of the projectile. The projectile transforms into a succubus and remains there for a short while before disappearing.

    Unholy Diver 

    Testament’s crow flies forward. This move puts the opponent in a stain state on hit or block. If the projectile from brave reaper is on-screen the crow flies towards that position. Watch for the positioning of the opponent and the projectile when going for this move. 


    Testament vanishes and reappears in the position of the projectile from the grave reaper. Testament reappears in their initial position if the projectile is not on-screen. Testaments will also reappear in their initial position when the button is held down. This means the move can be used either for movement or as a fake. 

    Arbiter Sign 

    An attack that tracks the opponent’s position to an extent. The slash version is a low and the heavy slash version is an overhead. This move works well to mix up a blocking opponent. However, be aware that it cannot track the opponent from too close or too far a distance.


    nastrovia testament guilty gear

    Testament summons a succubus who performs multiple powerful attacks. This move has quick recovery, creating an opportunity to approach together with the succubus. The succubus’s attacks also put the opponent in a stain state on hit or block. Go all-in on the opponent while maintaining your advantage. 

    Calamity One 

    Calamity one testament guilty gear

    Testament summons a massive beast, unleashing an extremely powerful attack. This move has invincibility as the attack comes out, making it work well in combos or for interrupting the opponent’s offense. 

    Far Standing Slash

    Far standing slashing testament guilty gear

    In the slash version of grave reaper dominate the grounded neutral game. Moves such as forward heavy slash and the heavy slash version of grave reaper cover a large area upwards.

    Once you’ve prevented the opponent’s approach, take the chance to go on the offensive with the succubus summoned by the grave reaper. You can land a surprise attack using possession or put the opponent in a stained state by hitting them with the unholy diver.

    While the opponent is in a stained state, you can gain the advantage just by connecting the far edge of your pokes with the opponent. Keep the opponent under pressure and take every chance you can to take the advantage.

    Testament is a new but anticipated addition to guilty gear. It is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and rightfully so. For more Guilty Gear character guides, be sure to bookmark Retrology.

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