Temtem Luma Hunting Guide

    In Temtem, Luma is extremely rare with a pretty low probability of spawning in the wild. If you’re serious about obtaining a Luma, you’ll most likely need to devote a lot of hours to Temtem catching. To make your job easier, here is a Temtem Luma Hunting Guide to get you through easily.

    The current chances of encountering a Luma Temtem are 1 in 7500. Those odds are pretty tiny, so while you might get lucky and discover one right away, expect to be looking for a Luma Temtem for a while. There are, however, techniques to improve your chances of locating a Luma Temtem. More information on how to maximize your chances of seeing a Luma Temtem can be found below.

    Luma Temtem has distinct coloring from its typical forms, making them simple to identify. When they arise, some will be surrounded by shimmering stars, and the majority will have a neon blue outline, indicating their rarity.

    Use Luma Radar

    Temtem Radars are objects that can be used to target a particular Temtem evolutionary line. You must utilize them in a location where that Temtem would normally spawn, and the targeted line will appear in the overworld. With a Temtem Radar activated, you can then chain this radar encounters up to 400 times. The longer your chain, the more likely you may encounter a Luma Temtem.

    Paradise, the seventh mini Island for feathers, will allow you to buy whatever radar you desire rather than relying on RNG, as was the case with the previous system, which required us to rematch Dojo Masters and hopes you got the radar you wanted.


    Breeding Temtem
    Breeding Temtem

    Obtaining a Luma Temtem is difficult, and this is by design: their powerful, rare nature makes catching or breeding one a gamble with a very low chance of success. If you want to catch a Luma Temtem, simply travel out into the wilds of the Airborne Archipelago and discover as many as you can.

    When two regular, non-Luma Temtem are bred together, the chances of the baby being Luma are the same as catching one: 1/7500. If one of the parents is already Luma, the odds increase to 1/750, which is ten times better than before. If both parents are Luma, the probability increases to 1/75.

    Also, keep in mind that there is a fertility rate so if you breed a lot, they can lose their breeding power completely.

    Searching Manually

    Searching Manually
    Searching Manually

    This could be the least used but immediate way of getting Luma. It’s hard, yes, but there are some advantages to it.

    • First, radars are available in the end game, so if you want to Luma hunt early on, this is how you’ll have to do it.
    • Second, they are obtained by gathering feathers. This means you will have to participate in the game’s numerous fighting facilities. If you aren’t a competitive wiz and simply want to start Luma hunting right away, there is another reason to do so.


    Buying or trading Luma Temtem
    Buying or trading Luma Temtem

    The fourth approach is for individuals who don’t mind the work as long as it means assuring their eventual Luma. Whether it is through Dojo rebattles, daily tasks, selling breeding rejects, or anything else, they’ll do it. As Trading Hub Lumas may be quite expensive and time-demanding, you’ll need a lot of money.

    You can acquire eggs with Luma parents that have a high probability of being Luma and then become the original trainer allowing for the use of telomere hacks. Or you can simply buy an already hatched Luma at a higher cost.

    Saipark Luma Weeks

    Saipark Luma Weeks
    Saipark Luma Weeks

    The easiest approach to obtain Luma Temtem is to visit Saipark during Luma week. This is like the Safari Park in other games. These are frequent Temtem events that increase the chances of finding a specific Temtem’s Luma version in Saipark by 4x.

    That’s all for Temtem Luma Hunting Guide and ways you can get it. Other than that, just run around with your fingers crossed to get one.

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