GamingRole-PlayingSunbreak Purecrystal Locations Guide (Monster Hunter Rise)

    Sunbreak Purecrystal Locations Guide (Monster Hunter Rise)

    Monster Hunter Rise is an action-adventure role-playing game developed and published by Capcom Co., Limited. It was released on March 2021 for Nintendo Switch as an addition to the Monster Hunter franchise. An expansion of Monster Hunter Rise, “Sunbreak” was released for Windows and Switch on the 30th of June, 2022. In this guide, we will help you get to the Sunbreak Purecrystal locations.

    Purecrystal is a type of rare ore used for forging. It is needed to craft armor and buddy equipment or can be sold. The crystal is only found after you reach Master Rank and finish the main story. It is recommended you look for these ores while in expedition mode as you won’t have to worry about the time limit.

    Purecrystals Location

    Although the official description of Purecrystal in the game says it can be found in the Jungle, the only known location of Purecrystals is the Flooded Forest. They can be found in both the white and the blue mining outcrops.

    The Purecrystals are spread across the Flooded Forest. For ease in farming, you can enable all the mining outcrops locations on your map. You can fast-travel to the main camp there and then make your way to all of the mining outcrops.

    Sunbreak Purecrystal locations
    Purecrystal locations in Flooded Forest.

    On the map, we have marked all the mining outcrops. The blue ones have the ore icon on them, while for the white ones we marked the locations with an arrow. You may have a higher chance of finding it in the white outcrops with the more uncommon ore.

    Additionally, you’ll find more Purecrystals in the area on the left rather than the square area on the map between areas 2 and 3.

    Though you should have a look at the blue outcrops too cause you may be able to snatch a few from there too. Luckily, a lot of the blue and white outcrops are pretty close to each other, but this doesn’t make farming these any less of a chore.

    Purecrystals Uses

    It can be sold for 3600 coins. On the other hand, you can make the following items with purecrystals:

    • Astalos Helm
    • Ingot Helm X
    • Almudrom Vambraces X
    • Ingot Mail X
    • Ingot Coil X
    • Gore Mail
    • Utsushi True Braces (H)
    • Utsushi True Braces (V)
    • Hawkcoil
    • Ingot Greaves X
    • Kushala Grip X
    • Ingot Vambraces X
    • Jelly Hat X
    • Vaik Helm X
    • Damascus Mail X
    • Hawksuit
    • Utsushi True Greaves (V)
    • Utsushi True Greaves (H)
    • Ceanataur Coil

    That’s all for the Sunbreak Purecrystal locations you can find for now. Furthermore, there’s another collectible in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak which can be rather annoying to farm. This guide will help you locate Aeonian Coal which is used in quests or as a currency. For more gaming guides, stay tuned to Retrology.

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