Sulfur Locations in Ark Lost Island

    The new Ark: Lost Island is the first community map to contain three new animals and a map that stretches up to 150 square kilometers. With so much new stuff to explore, people are anxious to learn all the new additions to the game. One of those additions is exploring and finding valuable stuff. Sulfur is also a valuable stone and for that, here we will guide you through the Ark Lost Island Sulfur Locations.

    Sulfur is found in the form of small pale yellow rocks present on a surface. They are in clusters of various-sized pieces or rocks; whatever you wanna call them. They may seem easy to find but with the earthy tones of the game, they can sometimes be looked over.


    Volcano location on Ark Lost Island Map
    Volcano location on Ark Lost Island Map

    Starting from Lat 24.9 and 62.0, we can start looking at the Sulfur sites.

    • The first two are easy to find as they are just by the stream in your view. You can just look around and see them by the lava flowing down.
      • LAT 27.68, LON 59.80
    • The next one can be found at the entrance of the wyvern trench.
      • LAT 24.21, LON 69.45
    • Further up from the wyvern trench, you can just look around the area and here you can find a good number of clusters hidden by the plants or rocks.
      • LAT 25.90, LON 59.74
      • LAT 25.09, LON 62.20


    Desert location on Ark Lost Island Map
    Desert location on Ark Lost Island Map

    From the starting location of LAT 82.0 and LON 70.1, you can start finding Sulfur in the desert.

    • There may be some enemies here so be careful. Also in the desert, some locations are hidden by rocks, such as this one, so do check under there.
      • LAT 83.63, LON 70.92
    • Next, look up from the first stop and there you would find some good clusters on top of the hill.
      • LAT 85.56, LON 70.4
    • Go further, towards the opposite side of the hill and you will find more clusters at these locations.
      • LAT 91.04, LON 64.37
      • LAT 92.76, LON 71.17
      • LAT 88.09. LON 65.11
    • You can go towards the more rocky and hilly area of the map, the right side on the given map above, and find two spots for Sulfur clusters.
      • LAT 89.71, LON 83.25
      • LAT 90.48, LON 82.07
    • This is in the middle of nowhere so it’s harder to find.
      • LAT 88.05, LON 47.46
    • At the other end of the island, on the left side of the map, there are many locations where some can be found. Here are their locations.
    • LAT 89.36, LON 36.05
    • LAT 90.54, LON 34.39
    • LAT 91.36, LON 34.60
    • LAT 91.77, LON 31.70

    Uses of Sulfur

    Sulfur is an uncommon resource in the game. The yellow substance is a rare resource that aids in the construction of three items: Flamethrower, Preserving Salt, and Propellant.

    Some of these Ark Lost Island Sulfur Locations may not be exactly as the Latitude and Longitude can vary from the direction you are standing or your path. Other than that, have fun mining for Sulfur.

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