GamingPvPStreet Fighter 6: Guide for Playing as Juri

    Street Fighter 6: Guide for Playing as Juri

    Since the announcement of adding Juri to Street Fighter 6 was announced, she has been riding the fame train. She is a previously loved character, from Street Fighter 4, so it brought nostalgic value for many players. With that, there are many players who would like to play with her so we’ve compiled a basic Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide to help you.

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    Basic Points to Know about Juri


    • Juri is one of the fastest characters in Street fighter. Choose her if you like speed and prefer it overpowering. She can move quickly giving her an upper hand for landing a combo or two against a tank or power heavy characters.
    • She has a wide set of kick attacks. This makes her highly unpredictable. Her kicking attack set gives you a lot of options on what you want to do next. 
    • Her kicks cover a large area which can be helpful if you want to land an attack while still being a bit away from your opponent.
    • Her speed combined with her wide-ranged kicks gives her the advantage of using both and getting the opponents before they decide on their attack or block her moves.
    • Juri can easily frustrate the opponent as her small moves and speed can make the opponent second guess themselves every time.


    • Despite having a lot of qualities, she is quite hard to control. Her skill set is large and mixed with her quick controls that require some practice. 
    • She has a lot of controls that can sometimes mix together confusing the player. This is the reason why many people avoid playing with her.
    • Her basic attacks are not really high damage which makes her rely a lot on her power and special attacks, EX moves, and V-Trigger to do some hefty damage to the opponent.
    • She is not a character you use for every fight. Note that she is against the right players who are slow so that you can win.
    • Juri excels at limiting players’ options, but she also despises having her choices restricted because it makes her much more vulnerable to defeat.

    Changes made for Street Fighter 6 Juri

    There were few changes made which were more noticeable in this Juri of Street fighter 6 than they were in street fighter 4 Juri. First off, she no longer has to charge for her Fuha moves. You have many more options in the fight now that you can perform an Ankensatsu or a Saihasho without any charges.

    The second significant modification is that the stocks are generic, even though these motions still have an improved form that requires the consumption of one stock to be employed.

    A minor adjustment to her Feng Shui Engine also makes reference to her Street Fighter IV version: The special bar now depletes gradually over time instead of in chunks when special attacks are linked. This enables you to use a significant number of special abilities without worrying too much about the remaining amount of the bar.


    Here is the list of attacks of Juri along with how to perform them.

    Special Moves

    The first special move, Fuharenkyaku, is a short-range, rather low projectile move. This move, although high in damage, is not really ideal and due to its low projectile, can give a window for the opponent to attack.

    Next is Juri’s DP, Tensenrin. It’s Juri’s anti-air attack, a rotating kick. This is a minus on block, although it can be utilized in some circumstances when in neutral. Due to its rotating action, it can cover a considerable area.

    Ryodansatsu is one of the less effective special attacks. Only certain circumstances will benefit from this action. It can dodge fireballs and moves quickly enough to make it challenging for opponents to outwit it.

    Super Arts

    • Sakkai Fuhazan: This attack is multiple kicks which are similar to what it was in Street fighter 4.
    • Feng Shui Engine: The classic boost super
    • Kaisen Dankai Raku also known as her Critical Art is also the same. She will grab the opponent by foot if you use it.

    Unique Attacks

    Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide

    These are the simplest moves and can be quite easy to learn.


    Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide

    When in close proximity, use throws to make your opponent fall, lose their standing and give them some damage in return. Throws can give you time as opponents wouldn’t be able to recover right away.

    Common Moves

    Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide

    These are common movies that will be most beneficial to build up the match until you use other moves. Make sure to focus on her kicks as that’s where she excels at.

    It is no surprise that despite her being a hard character to work with, she has gained enough popularity to be an approachable player. This is all for Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide on how to play her and her moves. For more Street fighter 6 guides, visit the guides section on the site Retrology.

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