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    Stray All Plants Locations Guide

    BlueTwelve Studio’s video game of a lonely cat, Stray, is out. The cat with her partner B-12 is stuck in a city of robots, neon lights, many puzzles and doors to open. For our kitty to survive, we need to help her escape from the city. And get back to her family safely. The duo has to solve puzzles and grab collectibles in the game from around the city. Here is the guide you will need to find the Stray All Plants Locations. Let’s begin the quest.

    Guide: Stray All Plants Locations

    In the city, you will go through a place named AntiVillage. There you will find a robot named Malo. She is fond of flowers and you can help her. She will ask you to collect flowers for her as she wants to add them to her collections. And of course, you will be rewarded. Malo will reward you with The Plant badge that you will have to search for in the game. This collectible will be useful in upcoming game chapters and you will get it easily by just doing some easy work.

    You need to find three types of colored flowers for her. Red, purple, and yellow are the plants she wants. That will be a breeze for you. The hints and clues are around you to find. And the badge will be yours. Let’s start with the Red one.

    Stray Red Plant

    #1 Red Plant
    #1 Red Plant

    You can get the Red plant from the low side of The Antivillage. Next, go down by just hopping inside the bucket. It will be hanging beside the robots playing mahjong. You need to sneak slowly to reach there.

    Next, you will reach the lower side of the village. You need to through the passage over the water by hopping on to different steps to reach the end. In the end, you will see the Red plant and collect it.

    Stray Purple Plant

    #2 Purple Plant
    #2 Purple Plant

    The next target is the Purple plant. It will be nearby too. Move back through the passage to the top. As there’s no bucket, you will have to hop a lot.

    Once you reached the top, you will see a breach from the tree with purple flowers. the branch will be close to the mahjong players. Reach there, jump on the branch and get the flowers.

    Stray Yellow Plant

    #3 Yellow Plant
    #3 Yellow Plant

    The third and last one is the yellow plant. Once you got the Purple plant, head back. You will see a stair leading to the bar on top. Move to the top and you have to jump over a few ducts.

    Next, you have to reach the other side of the bar. There you will see a pipe with Yellow plants. Grab them and head back to Malo.

    Once, you reach Malo, hand over all the plants she wanted and ask for a reward. She will hand over your reward to you and you guys can separate your ways on good terms.

    Finally, you have completed the mission. Malo got the plants she wanted and in return, you got a Plant Badge. Isn’t this great? Next, when you reach this level, go through the guide, and for ease, pin it on your browser. If you’re searching for other Stray guides, check our guides page with fresh updates.

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