Stray All Badge Locations Guide

    Stray, with its insane graphics, beautiful scenery, and the gripping storyline is certainly keeping the gamers invested. The story gyres around an abandoned cat finding its way through a long forgotten city with robots all around. 

    The game offers a number of collectibles that make it even more exhilarating. Some of these collectibles include badges that will adorn your cat’s vest if you collect them. 

    These are 6 badges you will need to find in order to get the Badges Trophy. These might require some serious exploring skills but no worries because we have a complete guide for Stray all badge locations so you know exactly where to find them! 

    Badge Locations in Stray

    The players will gain these badges through completing tasks like collecting music sheets. Six of them are spread through different sites in the game. 

    Music Badge 

    You can start your search by getting your hands on the Music Badge. To find it, you will have a total of 8 music sheets to look for. 

    Music Sheet 1/8

    When you first enter the checkpoint for the Slums, head down the alleyway, jump on the rooftops, through tin roofs and AC units. You will reach the balcony of a house, this is Momo’s house. Enter it and head to the storage room. After climbing a couple of boxes, you will come across the first music sheet. Collect it.

    Music Sheet 2/8

    In order to find the second music sheet, make your way back to the same alleyway. Jump over to a red vending machine. Jump through a couple of tin roofs and take a right. Jump to the balcony next to Clementine’s house, where you will see the second sheet of music on a table.

    Music sheet 3/8

    The third sheet of music is inside Elliot’s Computing. Walk down the alleys, past the bar, follow the street and take a right. You will come across the door to Elliot’s computing. To get inside, you need to scratch at the door. Once the Nestor lets you in, head towards the poster of the robot directly opposite the door. You will find the third music sheet hung up against it.

    Music Sheet 4/8

    You can find the fourth music at the marketplace, over to the Guardians’ left down the steps. However, you will need to buy this one with an energy drink. You can get this drink from any of the four filled vending machines around. 

    Music Sheet 5/8

    You will find the fifth music sheet at the upstairs seating of the bar, conveniently placed on top of the pool table.

    Music Sheet 6/8

    You will come across the sixth music sheet in Clementine’s bedroom, on the bookshelf. There is a fair chance that you might have already stumbled upon it while getting her notebook for the Momo mission.

    Music Sheet 7/8

    The seventh music sheet can be another one you might have grabbed along the way while you were completing the notebook mission. You can find it in the library, where Doc used to live.

    stray all badge locations

    Music Sheet 8/8

    You will get your hands on the final sheet by reaching a safe near the debris on the side of the sewer’s entrance. The entrance is located slightly further down from Morusque. 

    stray all badge locations

    The code to the safe is found behind the picture of the beach hanging above the Dufer beer sign. Alternatively, the code to the safe is 1283.

    This will get you the Music Badge.

    The Plant Badge

    You can get the gardening cat badge or the plant badge from the Antvillage level. When you have spoken to Zbaltazar, you will find an NPC on the floor above him that will tell you about the flowers on the level. 

    stray all badge locations

    You need to pick three flowers: red, yellow and a purple one. You can find the locations to these in our Stray Plant Locations article.

    The Outsider Badge

    To earn this badge, players will need to complete the full storyline related to the Slums area, featuring a man opening up a door for you, this will lead you outside and a robot will have to help you around. 

    You will need to keep talking to Seaumus for a while, after which he will mention giving you a badge. He will ask you to take it to his father, and he says that his father will recognize that you are a friend of his. 

    stray all badge locations

    The Cat Badge

    There is a pretty simple route for the Cat Badge. To get it, you will need to go into a street with bright neon lights. Head over to a small shop with a computer. Move to the highest shelf where you will encounter a Digicode safe. Entering the code 8542 will unlock the safe. Click on “Inspect Badge” which will show an overview of the badge which will have a cat’s face on it. 

    stray all badge locations

    The Police Badge

    This might prove to be a slightly harder to find badge. You will find this in a prison cell. To get to the cell, make your way to a corner of the alleyway near the roof. Once you land on the corrugated metal, look up, and you should find a jail cell window with metal bars. Jump onto one to head inside and interact with the dead robot. The robot will have a police badge on it that you can get and add to your own cat vest.

    stray all badge locations

    The Neco Badge

    This is the final badge you can get in Stray. You can get it from the factory part of the Midtown level only during the factory infiltration mission.

    stray all badge locations

    This was all about Stray all badge locations. For more similar content, stay tuned with Retrology

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