GamingSons Of The Forest - How to get water during winter

    Sons Of The Forest – How to get water during winter

    From dealing with enemies like cannibals to deadly weapons. From numerous survival challenges to harsh climates like winter. Players have now realized that this game is not going to be as simple as it might have seemed at the beginning. As one progresses deeper into Sons Of The Forest, it keeps trapping the players in a labyrinth of challenges.

    One such challenge is getting your hands on water in the harsh season of winters when all water beds are frozen. However, if you’re also one of those players struggling with how to get water during winter in Sons Of The Forest then worry no more because we’ve got you covered.

    In this guide, we will not only cover how to quench your thirst by locating water beds but also how you can consider storing the water as well in winter. So now, without any further delay, let’s have a look at what we can do now to survive in this harsh weather.

    Finding water in winter

    Sons Of The Forest water winter
    Sons Of The Forest water in winter

    As we are talking about winter today, it is safe to assume that if you look for water as you would in other seasons, you will find certain bodies of water that are fully frozen. Your best bet was to save yourself some water before the winter season. However, even if you haven’t there is still a way out.

    Make your way to any major water bed which obviously will be frozen. Yet if you look precisely and have a look around where the frozen lake joins the earth, you will see some ordinary streams of water. Throughout the area, there are a few water streams that you can find. These water streams will not be frozen, you can now either drink directly from the stream or you can even store it in a water bottle.

    Sons Of The Forest water winter
    Sons Of The Forest Water Stream

    Saving water is one strategy to ensure you have access to it during the winter. One option to get ready for winter is to create a water bottle using a 3D printer and store water in it. Canned drinks can be kept in your base or inventory as well. Here’s how:

    How to get a water bottle

    Sons Of The Forest water winter
    Sons Of The Forest 3D printer location

    Since most of the water beds are frozen you will always have to look for a stream to have a drink. Thus, in order to save yourself from this trouble you can 3D print yourself a water bottle to carry with you. So you can take a drink anytime anywhere you want to without heading back to the streams.

    To do so, use your GPS and follow the green marker on the map. You may locate an underground bunker close to the very first/starting beach. Once you’ve reached the bunkers location head inside. Now turn on your lighter to make things visible as soon as you get inside.

    Sons Of The Forest 3D Printer

    Now make your way deeper into the bunker and soon after you will find yourself inside a room. In this room is a desk with a laptop on it and a 3D printer on its side. The 100ml of Printer Resin is also present in that same room which you will have to utilize to make a water bottle. Now, Interact with the laptop and select the water bottle option and start printing. It will take a few seconds and then immediately you will have in your hands a legitimate water bottle.

    Collect and store water from the stream

    Sons Of The Forest Water Flask

    After successfully getting your hands on the water bottle head back to the water stream which you found at the start. Equip your water bottle, and interact with the water to collect it. Now as mentioned earlier canned drinks can be kept in your base or inventory as well. So be sure that you store enough water for yourself so you do not have to search around for streams again and again.

    Well, there you have it, congratulations on stocking your inventory with water and quenching your thirst as well. Do let us know in the comment section below which guide should we cover next. If you still haven’t subscribed to Retrology’s mailing list down below then do consider doing. So you do not miss out on any of the latest updates and guides. Nevertheless, stay hydrated and we’ll see you in the next one.

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