Some astounding Tatsumaki cosplay channeling her effortless look

    Tatsumaki, the second-ranked S-Class hero, possesses great strength. She is one of the strongest alive and one of the most powerful heroes. Fubuki calls her a monster, and despite seeing Saitama use all of her strength to defeat her, Fubuki is still of the opinion that Saitama lacks the strength and fighting prowess of her older sister. With all that, it may be difficult to channel the energy of Tatsumaki into cosplay so let’s see how cosplayers have played with her character.

    Tatsumaki is a small woman who frequently has the impression that she is far younger than she actually is. She has a young face, emerald green eyes that are wide, and curly hair at the ends. She is dressed in a slim black dress with four high-cut leg slits that accentuate her legs, long sleeves, and low-heeled black shoes. Let’s see how different people have managed to copy her style and most importantly, her energy.


    Let’s begin with the cosplayer who managed to embody the character well. The cosplayer is /Damevampira and her attention to detail is really commendable. Her petite body, slightly rigid dress, and the hair all manage to resemble the character well.

    Otaku HD

    By the cosplayer @Baka__Otaku, the cosplay is really good. Her cosplay makes her look like the innocent tatsumaki who is sometimes evident in the anime. She has more pictures in this same outfit that you can check on her twitter and I would highly recommend for you to do so.


    Another on-point cosplay featured here is by @ChameLeahn_. She mentioned that she styled the wig herself and considering how each curl is placed perfectly to match the character’s hair, this effort cannot be left unnoticed. 


    Wit the use of some special effects or editing, u/Lit__Lit made this photo equally interesting as the character and her cosplay. The floating cup and her nonchalant expression go well with the vibe of the character in real life. 


    Want an aesthetic tatsumaki cosplay? Check out this photo by @MurrningC. The solid background contrasts well with her black outfit and sets the bright green hair apart really well. The neon green light is just the cherry on top!

    Bellas Cosplay

    This tatsumaki cosplay is different from what we’ve normally seen. The cosplayer @BellasCosplay chose to portray the look after an intense fight with a ripped dress and cuts on her face. This cosplayer really looks like she just came back from a fight.

    Stefanie Chin

    Last but certainly not the least is this cosplay by @stefanie_chin. Her outfit, hair and contacxts are all on point so good job for that. For the second edited picture, she really used the technology well and made the setup more realistic.

    For more related content regarding Tatsumaki, you can check out Tatsumaki Fanart Collection for a more animated or fantasy look. We guarantee there are some good ones here.

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