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    Solving Elden Ring Seluvis Potion Quest

    Elden Ring is an open-world plan game with dynamic visuals and ongoing interaction best in class. Elden Ring gives illustrations and visuals which match the current gamer and his/her inclinations. Because of the astounding interactivity and shocking visuals, a top decision for gamers is activity-pressed games. Moreover, the game likewise gives looking and focuses on collectibles all through and consequently makes it more intriguing for the player. This article is all about solving the Seluvis Potion quest in the game which can be a bit tricky and lengthy but you do not need to worry as our guide has got you covered.

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    Elden Ring Selvius:

    Seluvis is a person in the game who you will go over while working for Ranni, the Witch. Seluvis can’t be relied upon yet you’ll be compelled to do as such to continue to work for Ranni.

    Your errand will be to give an elixir he made to Nepheli. There are a few significant provisos about the planning of Seluvis’ journey, however, and on the off chance that you see his mission through totally, you’ll try and be banished from one of Elden Ring’s significant endings. Completing it is completely discretionary, however in the event that nothing else, it merits visiting Seluvis subsequent to addressing Ranni so you can purchase a couple of major areas of strength.

    Selvius potion quest:

    Elden ring Seluvis potion quest starts when you meet an astral projection of the mage in Caria Mano. However, it will not show up until you address Ranni at her pinnacle (Ranni’s Rise). That requires overcoming Loretta, the Manor chief, and there is a significant admonition connected with timing.

    Assuming you’ve begun the Radahn Festival by clearing Redmane Castle or showing up in the patio where Blaidd and Alexander are on the other hand. In the event that you’ve shown up at Altus Plateau prior to addressing Ranni first, you will not have the option to begin the journey or talk with Seluvis until in the wake of overcoming Radahn.

    Be that as it may, before you address Ranni, you might need to begin Rogier’s journey first. That includes addressing him in Roundtable Hold. Contacting the bloodstain in Stormveil’s grave. And acquiring the Black Knife Glyph from the Black Knife Catacombs in eastern Liurnia. Assuming you address Ranni first, Rogier will kick the bucket in the wake of giving you his blade. And that implies you pass up some significant legend. At any rate, in the event that you complete Rogier’s mission, he sends you to meet Ranni.

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    Elden Ring Selvius potion quest best result:

    Would it be a good idea for you to give Nepheli the mixture? Indeed, the solution to this question is no. You don’t have any idea what the elixir does, nor does Seluvis let you know anything. Be that as it may, the universe of Elden Ring has a couple of hints to count on.

    You will find a secret underground room right external Ranni’s Tower, which is brimming with lethargic dolls.

    These are perhaps individuals who drink the Seluvis mixture. Besides, you likewise receive a few messages like not contacting the Seluvis Dolls in the game.

    Thus, remembering these things, it is smarter to give the elixir to Sir Gideon Ofnir and lie to Seluvis that you give the Potion to Nepheli.

    The right strategy eventually will lead you to success. Moreover, follow this guide and master all the necessary skills to beat one of the historic bosses of the game. For more, game reviews and guides, keep following Retrology.

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