Shattergrave Barrow all Lucky Dice Locations In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

    In this guide, we will tell you how to collect all twelve of the Lucky Dice, in Shattergrave Barrow. More Lucky Dice can be found in Snoring Valley in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. By collecting these you can get more and better loot the next time you beat a boss or find a chest.

    Dice #1

    The Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrow

    The first Lucky Dice is at the start of the Shattergrave Barrow. Start walking towards the house with vending machines. Before reaching the vending machines you will find the Dice.

    Dice #2

    The Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrow

    Get to the fenced area of the graveyard. There the second Dice is hidden behind the tomb with a cross.

    Dice #3

    The Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrow

    From the graveyard after getting the second Dice, make your way to the open area past the giant tree. Beware of the skeletons popping out from the ground. Defeat all the enemies, and follow the dirt road to a giant open grave. Inside the grave, you will find the Dice.

    Dice #4

    The Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrow

    Across the small pond and past the ledges you will find an old blackened tree. The fourth Dice is near the tombstones.

    Dice #5

    The Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrow

    For the fifth Dice, go to the ledge beside the arched pillars. It is to the lower side of the tombstone.

    Dice #6

    Even though the map shows that the sixth Dice is out of the map, it is a visual bug and nothing else. The Dice is to the left of the church.

    Dice #7

    The seventh Dice is at the entrance of the church.

    Dice #8

    The eighth Dice is located at the church’s altar. Walk to the left and collect it.

    Dice #9

    The ninth Dice requires some quick maneuvering and timing. You need to jump on wooden platforms. The Dice itself is located on the other side of the archway facing towards the way where the entrance is.

    Dice #10

    Next Dice is right next to the gate. When you loot the chest walk past the gate to collect it.

    Dice #11

    While doing the main storyline, when you activate the altar to open the underground crypt door. The Dice is located beside a swinging blade trap.

    Dice #12

    Finally, for the last Dice, leave the tunnel and head towards the left of the room upstairs. Jump over on the broken bridge in the middle of the room. Next to it is the last Dice.

    With this, you would have collected all twelve of The Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrow In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. For more location guides keep following Retrology.

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