Scorn Sliding Pod Puzzle – Complete Solution

    The freshly released new survival game Scorn is filled with treasures waiting to be discovered. There are many puzzles that needed to be solved. One of them is Sliding Pod Puzzle. If you’re looking for its solution, then luckily you have landed in the right place. Scorn Sliding Pod Puzzle solution is here for you.

    Scorn: Sliding Pod Puzzle

    Few puzzles are interaction based. This means you are pushed through the in-game environment to explore and interact with other objects like Flower Puzzle. Whereas other puzzles are old-school manual puzzles like Sliding Pod Puzzle.

    Sliding Pod Puzzle is a manual pod-moving puzzle where you need to move a specific pod to the end of the circuit without disturbing other pods.

    How to reach the Sliding Pod Puzzle

    Walk to the end of the slope on the left. And continue to pass through the two sets of doors till you enter a large circular chamber. Reach a large door on the right. On its right will be a passage. Enter and keep moving till you reach a room with a scooper.

    On the right side of the scooper, there will be an elevator. Travel through the elevator till you reach a hallway with a set of control in front of you. And another set of control to its very right. Start with the right one first.

    Sliding Pod Puzzle – Crack Pod

    Sliding Pod Puzzle - Crack Pod
    Sliding Pod Puzzle – Crack Pod

    Your goal will be to get the lit-up pods to the top left where there’s a glowing space. There are two lit-up pods you need. The first one is the right one that needs to reach the end. And the other one is the left one which is the crack that you will need to extract. The crack pod will provide more space to mode the right pod easily.

    First, move the double pod to the first lit pod on the top left. Now, move the top-lit pod onto the left side and then move it up. Leave these control. And move to the controls that are in the center of the room. Now, remove the pod over there or destroy it in the process.

    Sliding Pod Puzzle – Real Pod

    The crack pod is out. Now, it’s time for the real pod to move. But it’s going to be tough than crack pod. That’s because it’s far at the end of the pods and it’s a double pad. Dont stress out! I got your back. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the puzzle solved.

    • Move all the single pods to the lower right side of the puzzle. Keep repeating the process till three double horizontal ones, and a single pod in the bottom left side are left between the real pod and exit spot.
    • Move the real pod with a single node to the middle space.
    • Move all the other double and single-node pods around the real pod.
    • In the end, move the real pod to the exit spot.

    Now step back from the manual pods. And reach the center of the room to activate the controls. Now, the pod will break and you will be avail to access the rest of the puzzle.

    The Scorn Sliding Pod Puzzle is easy to solve if followed correctly. And this solution will surely help you. Go and get the pod puzzle solved. To know about Scorn Yellow Light Puzzle – Complete Solutions or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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