GamingHorrorScorn: Guide to open the Big Gate in Act 1

    Scorn: Guide to open the Big Gate in Act 1

    Scorn gameplay makes you challenge yourself to see how weird can you be in terms of its puzzles. There are a lot of puzzles you’ll need to figure out and see the links between different puzzles so you don’t miss out on anything. One example of this interlinked puzzle is the Big gate puzzle in Act 1 of Scorn.

    There are three slots you need to fill but as this game is a single-player game, you’ll need some weird assistance. You can easily get this if you know where to look and what to do before entering the big door area.

    Crane Slide Egg Puzzle

    Crane machine

    Before coming to this part, you’ll need to complete and solve the puzzle of the crane slide egg puzzle. To put this briefly, you have to take the egg-shaped structure in which the creature is trapped. Take it to the crane in the middle room. From there, you let the crane break it and extract the creature. Once that is done, you’ll notice an arm sticking out for the leftover structure as shown in the picture.

    Creature's arm

    Go up to it and get this arm as this would be used in the gate-opening puzzle.

    Big Gate Puzzle

    Once you reach the main room leading to the main door, you’ll see two stands in front of it. One of them would be a machine with one slot; the left one. On the right would be a two-slot device that can be activated using your own hands. As the door only opens once all three slots are filled, that’s where you’ll need the extra arm you just got from the previous puzzle.

    For the first puzzle, you’ll need a wrist key before you can install the extra arm there. If you try to use the arm by itself, you’ll see that it won’t fit at all. For the wrist key, go to your left side tunnel and search for a structure that looks like the one shown in the picture shown below.

    Structure to get wrist key from

    Once there interact with it to get the wrist key. This key is wrapped around the extra arm and will now make it useful.

    Wrist key

    Go back to the structure and put it inside the one-slot device and pull the lever. You’ll see the door slightly open. This shows that all three slots need to be filled for the door to open completely.

    First lever: put creature's hand in

    Now it’s your turn for you to go for the other stand. Put in both of your hands; just interact and the game will do it for you. Once done, the door will automatically open.

    Second lever: put both hands in

    And that’s how the big gate puzzle of Act 1 in Scorn is solved. Hopefully, this guide has been proven to be helpful. For more Scorn guides, check out the guides section on our site Retrology.

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