TechSamsung Pay Wallet can now save COVID-19 vaccination cards

    Samsung Pay Wallet can now save COVID-19 vaccination cards

    Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service available for Samsung Galaxy users. Samsung devices that support Samsung Pay can now store digital versions of their user’s COVID-19 vaccination cards.

    Here’s how you can add the COVID-19 vaccination record to Samsung pay.

    • First, you have to download the free CommonHealth app from the Google Play store.
    • Once you access your COVID-19 vaccine credentials within the CommonHealth app, click the “Add to Samsung Pay” link.
    • Open Samsung Pay and click “Covid-19 Vaccine Pass” from the homepage.
    • Then follow the instructions given to access their COVID-19 vaccine records from healthcare systems and healthcare providers or pharmacies. However, the main thing to notice here is that not all providers are linked to the system yet.

    As per restaurants, offices, schools, and other public places are concerned it is not confirmed yet that whether they will accept the electronic version, or whether you will have to display your paper COVID-19 vaccination card. Although Samsung has a very minor share of the mobile payments market as compared to Apple Pay. The process of electronic COVID-19 vaccination cards is going a bit slower than expected but some progress can be seen from time to time.

    Samsung Pay makes transactions easy for millions of mobile device users. As more and more consumers use their Samsung devices as a digital wallet, it is a natural extension to make COVID-19 vaccination records more easily accessible. Once in a meeting, Rob White, Sr. Director of Product for Samsung Pay, Samsung Electronics America said: “We are proud to partner with The Commons Project Foundation on this important initiative and to help make life easier.”

    CommonHealth’s partnership with Samsung marks another important milestone as the availability and acceptance of SMART Health Cards as the standard for digital vaccination records continues to grow. JP Pollak, co-founder and chief architect of The Commons Project further confirms that “As a leading mobile device manufacturer and digital wallet, Samsung offers a secure and easily accessible place for consumers to store this vital health information.”

    That’s all about the Samsung Pay Wallet for COVID-19 vaccination cards. For more details keep following Retrology.

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