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    Salt Locations in Ark Lost Island

    Studio Wildcard’s Ark Lost Island has many features to give players adventures and challenges to stay alive. If you’re struggling to get many resources such as salt, then you have landed at the ideal place for accurate guidance. Lets’ begin the Ark Lost Island salt locations guide for you to get your salt.

    Ark Lost Island Guide: Salt Locations

    This survival game to stay alive and escape with the resources is essential for players. This game was out on 14th December 2021 for various mediums like PC, PS, Xbox, and Google Stadia as well. This RPG game can be played with friends and alone for a real-world experience. This mysterious land will push you to bring out the survival skills hidden in you.

    The resources you need in this land will be of different types. One of those is salt. This ingredient is to add to recipes and dishes. Here, it will be stirred in significant platters like Boiled Egg, Goulash Soup, and Fish Stew to add salty flavor.

    Where are the Salt Locations

    Where are the Salt Locations
    Where are the Salt Locations

    Salt will be found in two locations. Let’s start with the first location. Have a close look at the bottom side of the map. You will see various locations of salt reserves on the coastline of the desert. If you search along the coastline, you can find one easily. And the rest will be nearby. Just like another resource, you need to stab it with a powerful hammer and you got them.

    The northern shore of the mainland is the second location. Search for it on the top of the map. Just like the first location, you can stab the salt stones and get them easily. In the above map, you can see the salt reserves marked with white circles.

    These locations have salt reserves and can be utilized. And if you’re in the search of raw salt, you have to mine them from Dinasours Bones. Either of these salts is a nutrient for your body and delicious for stews, soup, meat, and other meals.

    Raw Salt Reserve
    Raw Salt Reserve

    For you to understand better, here is the list of the coordinate points for all the salt locations.


    Starting from the first location, the coastline. Latitude is 93.14 and Longitude is 20.29.

    Location #2

    Here is the second location, the shore of the mainland. Latitude is 19.78 and Longitude is 46.24.

    Location #3

    Latitude is 84.64 and Longitude is 51.41.


    Latitude is 26.91 and Longitude is 54.47.

    Location #5

    Latitude is 40.45 and Longitude is 54.48.

    Location #6

    Latitude is 64.61 and Longitude is 54.61.

    Location #7

    Latitude is 67.23 and Longitude is 28.07.

    Finally, here is the list of all coordinate ends. The Ark Lost Island salt location guide comes to an end. This resource will make your in-game meals delicious so go get them. Our guide pages have the locations of many other resources that you will need, so go check them and get your resources.

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