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    Salt And Sacrifice All Named Mage Locations

    You’ll be entrusted with tracking down and consuming the hearts of several named mages in Salt and Sacrifice. This guide will show you where you can find all of the Named Mage hunts in Salt and Sacrifice.

    Along with this know which class to choose from by following our guide on best classes in the game.

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    Locations of Named Mage Salt and Sacrifice

    Named mage hunts can be found in the Salt and Sacrifice districts of Ashbourne Village, Bol Gerahn, Corvius’ Mire, Dreadstone Peak, and Elder Copse.

    Ashbourne Village Named Mage Locations

    Arzhan-Tin Location

    Once you get access to the grapple hook in Ashbourne Village, use it to explore the mines above the cave. To enter the castle tower, climb to the top and exit on the left side. The Arzhan-Tin named mage can be found in the same room as the shortcut.

    Celus Zend Location

    As you enter the village, use the left-hand slope to ascend to another slope. To enter the building with Celus Zend, climb over the other slope and grasp the tree on your right side.

    Kundry Kahn Location

    To get to the region above, head right from where you fought the first boss and use the grappling hook there. By continuing a little forward, you will enter the Craterstone Mines. To go to the other side of Ashbourne Village, you must climb to the top and escape via the left exit.

    The Archridge District can be reached by taking the path above the cave from where you entered this area. To find Kundry Kahn, named mage, climb to the top of this section and exit through the right-hand door.

    Varren Ovrin’s Location

    In Salt and Sacrifice, you must defeat three other named mages to reach this named mage. Enter the green door within the Craterstone Mines to find this one.

    The Stoneball Dungeon will be your first stop. Now turn right and then down till you see Varren Ovrin on the left.

    Ekriks Graycloud Location

    You’ll discover this named mage on top of a tiny hill shortly after fighting the Green Huntsman monster. Ekriks Graycloud is located at the very top of the Archridge District, through the left-hand door.

    Bol Gerahn Named Mage Locations

    Aur Cyrus, The Wild Pandemonium Location

    Exit through the right side door and activate the zipline there once you have the ability to activate the ziplines. To go to a wooden platform, you must activate another zipline.

    Aur Cyrus, The Wild Pandemonium, can be found on a wooden platform in a tree.

    Sto’h Karring Location

    To travel to Bol Gerahn, first go to the Magnesis Supply and activate the ziplines. From here, turn right until you see a door leading to the Creeping Caves.

    In this instance, turn right and descend by crossing the zipline. Keep an eye out for the trap. From there, turn left and slide down from a platform, exiting through the left. This will take you outside.

    Drop down until you reach a door on your right. Sto’h Karring can be found just inside that door.

    Nix Ocifiris Location

    Go up from the boss area until you reach a right-hand door. You can access the outside area by pressing the wooden switch, where you will locate the named mage.

    Padra Sekrev Location

    Continue to re-enter the building by the right exit until you reach the outer area from the boss area in Bol Gerahn. To reach Padra Sekrev, you must climb all the way to the peak.

    Turi Vasari Location

    Go through the green door and trigger the stone circle from the boss area. The grappling point on your right will be activated. Go to that location and look for the named mage.

    Corvius’ Mire Named Mage Locations

    Por Myec Location

    A cave can be found to the left from the beginning of this area. Por Myec will be there immediately below the mimic inside this.

    Ghor Lorhotha Location

    To reach Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh, you must first defeat Marega Gredanya in the Marega Gredanya boss arena. From there, turn right and take the Luminstone stone circle to access the door on the right side.

    You can trigger the thread on the ground and grapple to the right. You can use the ladder and cross platforms to climb up from here. Now ascend using ladders and other platforms until you reach the spinning trap.

    After passing through the spinning trap, turn left and ascend to the right. As you climb the stairs, you’ll come across a shortcut door that you would unlock by pulling the lever. Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh named mage, can be found directly above that door.
    Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh named mage, can be found directly above that door.

    Anamus Kane Location

    Climb some platforms to reach to the stone circle from the beginning of this area. Activate the circle to gain access to the large tree. After entering the tree, climb to the top and leave on the left side.

    This will lead you to the outside. Now proceed to the left to enter the nearby building. To exit the building, go to the left side door.

    Continue along the path and use the stone circle to spawn platforms that will lead you to Anamus Kane, the named mage.

    Luxian Steel-Glass Location

    Instead of leaving from the left side of the tree as before, leave from the right side. This will bring you to the outside of the tree, where you should turn right and enter the green door.

    This will lead you to a tiny cave, where you can take the platforms to descend to discover Luxian Steel-Glass named mage at the bottom.

    Dreadstone Peak Named Mage Locations

    Zyzak Zuun Location

    Grip the hook on the right and use the wind stream to climb up from the Two That Remain boss area. After there, turn left and follow the path to the finish to locate the called Devour Zyzak Zuun named mage.

    Draeaxenerion Location

    Head down from the Two That Remain boss area through the green door. Take the first left you see, and Draeaxenerion named mage will be waiting for you at the end of the route

    Zaruman Tam Location

    Grip the hook on the right and then use the wind stream to climb up from the Two That Remain boss area. After that, turn left and use the grappling point to climb higher.

    Here you will locate a tower. Climb to the very top of the tower and exit on the left side. In Salt and Sacrifice, you’ll find Zaruman Tam, who is a named mage.

    Nephael Mos Location

    Enter the green door on your right and proceed down for this one from the Two That Remain boss area. Return to the bottom and turn left to find a wind stream.

    To get to the entrance on the left side, use the stream and grappling hook. You’ll find Nephael Mos if you go through that door and grapple to the other side.

    Vodin Tenebre Location

    Use the hooks and wind streams to get to the top of Dreadstone Peak from the beginning. Enter the right-hand door from the top. An obelisk can be found here.

    Climb up into the cave until you reach the top to move forward. There is a Vodin Tenebre named mage there.

    Elder Copse Named Mage Locations

    Parxa Krass Location

    After entering this location, proceed to the left until you see Parxa Krass, who is a named mage. He’ll be speaking from a platform.

    Logostus Rime Location

    Logostus Rime Location From there, head to the right-hand region and climb up to a platform using the wind stream or some hooks. Logostus Rime can be seen on the top wooden platform.

    That’s all about Salt And Sacrifice All Named Mage Locations. For more guides like these, stay tuned to Retrology.

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