Rolling Rhino converts Ubuntu into a Rolling Release

    Ubuntu Rolling Rhino converts Unbuntu into a rolling release. Ubuntu has produced releases twice per year since its first release in 2004. With Ubuntu’s 20th anniversary just 2 years away, Ubuntu stays true to its release cycle. Due to its simple interface, Ubuntu is much preferable to other distros. The headlining quality that will draw users into the world of Arch is its rolling release strategy.

    The creation of the rhino-update tool ensures that the system updates run smoothly. It also expands the capabilities of what it already provides.

    Utilizing the Distribution

    You need to read the documentation to understand how the distribution actually works. The documentation shows that the process runs by tracking “devel” repositories. These repositories already exist for every release but are seldom used in production. When you install the Rolling Rhino Remix, the first step is to open a terminal after booting into your desktop. After opening the terminal run the following command:

    • rhino-init
      After your system updates with the latest from the devel repositories you will need to open a second terminal and run:
    • rhino-update

    Note: Run the rhino update once per week so you do not miss any important updates.

    Involvement in the Ubuntu Rolling Rhino Development

    You can involve with the production by contributing via GitHub. You can also join the mail list.

    Even though Ubuntu is finding success in the cloud with its server offerings the desktop has lost a lot of its brilliance. Once applauded for its easy installation and use Ubuntu was widely preferred. However, other distributions including Fedora and Manjaro have caught up very quickly.

    Users also think that Ubuntu should have adopted the rolling release model from the start instead of interim releases.

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