GamingRoblox Ninja Legends Codes (March 2023)

    Roblox Ninja Legends Codes (March 2023)

    Developed by none other than Coinflip Studios, Ninja Legends is yet another amazing mini-game/experience in Roblox. The developers of this mini-game named ‘Ninja Legends’ also give out many codes upon completing different tasks for players to progress further. These codes can be really beneficial when it comes to getting your hands on different resources and upgrading your character to a whole new level.

    Nevertheless, getting your hands on all of the codes from the game can be hectic at times for many players. So for that very reason and to make it handy for the players, here we have a complete list of all the active codes under one page.

    Moreover, we have also mentioned some recently expired codes as well so that players can differentiate between the active ones and the expired ones. Anyway, read along and get your hands on all of the active codes before they expire.

    Ninja Legends – Active Codes

    mythicalninja500500 Chi currecny
    legendaryninja500500 Chi currecny
    shadowninja500500 Chi currecny
    legends200M1,100 Chi currecny
    epicflyingninja500500 Chi currecny
    flyingninja500500 Chi currecny
    dragonwarrior500500 Chi currecny
    swiftblade300300 Chi currecny
    DesertNinja250250 Chi currecny
    fastninja100100 Chi currecny
    epicninja250250 Chicurrecny
    masterninja7501000 Chi currecny
    soulninja10001,000 Chi currecny
    epictrain1515 Minutes Auto-Training
    roboninja1515 Minutes Auto-Training
    christmasninja500500 Gems
    zenmaster15k15,000 Chi currecny
    innerpeace5k5,000 Chi currecny
    skyblades10k10,000 Chi currecny
    darkelements20002,000 Chi currecny
    silentshadows10001,000 Chi currecny
    omegasecrets50005,000 Chi currecny
    ultrasecrets10k10,000 Chi currecny
    elementmaster750750 Chi currecny
    secretcrystal10001,000 Chi currecny
    skymaster750750 Chi currecny
    legends700m1,200 Chi currecny
    dojomasters500500 Chi currecny
    dragonlegend750750 Chi currecny
    zenmaster500500 Chi currecny
    epicelements500500 Chi currecny
    goldninja500500 Chi currecny
    goldupdate500500 Chi currecny
    legends500M1,000 Chi currecny
    senseisanta500500 Chi currecny
    blizzardninja500500 Chi currecny
    sparkninja2020 Souls
    soulhunter55 Souls

    Ninja Legends – Expired Codes

    • epicturrets450
    • powers500
    • bossbattle300
    • Firstplanet250
    • epicturrets
    • waterfall500
    • newgame500
    • autotrain15
    • epicsensei500
    • launch100
    • epictower350
    • treeninja400
    • shurikencity500

    Redeem Ninja Legends codes

    In order to redeem the codes, right aftre launching the game you will find a twitter icon on right side of the screen. The blue bird will have codes written on it, click on it. After that clikc at the bottom to open the code menu and enter your code in order to collect your reward.

    Well, that’s about it, congratulations on getting your hands on all the Roblox: Ninja Legends codes. Do let us know in the comment section below which Roblox experience should we cover next. Additionally do consider subscribing to out mailing list down below so you don’t miss out on any new codes and latest updates.

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