GamingRoblox Fruit Battlegrounds Codes - March 2023

    Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Codes – March 2023

    A game with capabilities like no other, Roblox never allows its players to get bored of it. The reason being that Roblox is equipped with some insane features that allow the players to create their own mini-games or as some say “experience”. One such experience is Fruit Battlegrounds which was inspired by none other than One Piece and developed by P O P O. Nevertheless, apart from the game itself, the topic under discussion today is Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Codes for March 2023.

    To give you a bit of background, the fruits in this experience help you unlock new abilities, however, you will have to get your hands on quite a few gems to unlock some crucial abilities. In order to make it a little less hectic for players the developers occasionally release codes that give you new gems upon completing different milestones.

    But to make it even easier for you, here we have a complete list of all the Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds active codes under one page. Additionally, we have also mentioned the expired cheat codes as well so can differentiate between the active and expired code. Nevertheless, read along, and get your hands on all the active cheat codes before they expire.

    Fruit Battlegrounds – Active Codes

    Code Reward
    YESSIRBIG200!1,000 Gems
    NEVERSTOP380 Gems
    DUBMINER320 Gems
    CANTSTOP280 Gems
    190KWOWBRUH600 Gems
    GOCRAZY180!400 Gems
    170KKRAZY 450 Gems
    160WOW600 Gems
    DRACOMASTA 500 Gems
    KAIDOBEAST410 Gems
    GOKRAZY150600 Gems
    140KAGAIN400 Gems
    FATSTACKZ 1,400 Gems
    RAININGGEMS!320 Gems
    WINTERDAYZ350 Gems
    GOLDENDAYZ220 Gems
    LETSGOO130K400 Gems

    Fruit Battlegrounds – Expired Codes

    FREECAZH400 Gems
    WINTERDAYZ400 Gems
    100KWEDIDIT800 Gems
    DAMN90K400 Gems
    80KAHHHHH450 Gems
    THXFOR70K350 Gems
    FREEBREAD!300 Gems
    60KLETSGO350 Gems
    50KINSANE500 Gems
    40KDAMN350 Gems
    35KWOWBRO200 Gems 
    30KLOVEYOU550 Gems
    25KINSANE!!450 Gems
    20KCRAZY550 Gems
    15KNOWAY550 Gems
    THXFOR10K300 Gems
    7KTEAM450 Gems
    5KSQUAD450 Gems
    4KGANGO450 Gems
    3KTHXBRO450 Gems
    2KLETSGOOO450 Gems
    PRESENT4YOU700 Gems

    Redeem Fruit Battlegrounds codes

    In order to redeem the codes, start Fruit Battlegrounds, but keep waiting in the title menu until the “Spin Fruit” option appears. Now select this option and you will spawn in a room. Now have a look on your right and you will be able to locate a chest. Click on the chest and a menu will appear on the left bottom of the screen. Now, enter the code and hit redeem to get your code activated.

    Well, there you have it, congratulations on getting your hands on all Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Codes as of March 2023. Do let us know in the comment section below if you think we’ve missed a code. To know about Destiny 2: Lightfall Maelstrom Quest Guide or for more guides, keep following Retorlogy.

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