GamingRoblox Anime Adventures - April 2023 Codes

    Roblox Anime Adventures – April 2023 Codes

    With numerous games under one platform, where players can create their own mini-games/experiences, and communicate with one another as well, Roblox undeniably has capabilities like no other. Perhaps one of the most unique gaming platforms ever to exist, however, that seems to be the topic of discussion for some other day. Today what we are anchoring on is one of the experience/minigames in Roblox named Anime Adventure. Like many other games in Roblox, the developers of Roblox Anime Adventures also give out random codes to reward its players with some free stuff.

    However, getting your hands on all of the codes is a hustle of its own. So for that very reason here we have a complete list of all the Anime Adventures codes under one page. Additionally, we have also mentioned the expired codes as well so you can easily differentiate between the active and the expired ones. Anyways, without wasting any time, read along and get yourself some free stuff with these codes before they expire.

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    Anime Adventures Codes (Active)

    VIGILANTE250 Gems
    GOLDEN1000 Gems
    SINS250 Gems
    SINS2200 Gems
    UCHIHA250 Gems

    Anime Adventure Codes (Expired)

    SubToBlamspot1x Summon Ticket
    Cxrsed1x Summon Ticket
    ANDROIDRedeem for a Limited Mecha Freezo Skin
    SERVERFIX250 Gems and 2500 Gold
    Hunter250 Gems
    QUESTFIXRedeem for Gems
    HOLLOWRedeem for Gems
    MUGENTRAINRedeem for Gems
    GHOUL250 Gems
    FIRSTRAIDSfree rewards
    DATAFIX200 Gems
    MARINEFORD250 Gems
    RELEASE50 Gems
    GINYUFIX100 Gems
    TWOMILLION400 Gems
    CLOUD250 Gems
    HERO250 Gems
    CHAINSAW250 Gems
    NEWYEAR2023Redeem code for Gems
    PORTALFIX100 Gems
    CHRISTMAS2022250 Gems
    GRAVITY250 Gems
    UPDATEHYPE250 Gems
    KARAKORA2300 Gems
    KARAKORA500 Gems
    CLOVER2250 Gems
    CLOVER500 Gems
    HALLOWEEN250 Gems and 500 Candies
    CURSE2250 Gems
    CURSE350 Gems
    FAIRY2250 Gems
    FAIRY250 Gems
    SubtomaokumaSummon Ticket x1
    FictioNTheFirstSummon Ticket x1
    SubToKelvingtsSummon Ticket x1
    TOADBOIGAMINGSummon Ticket x1
    KingLuffySummon Ticket x1
    SubtosnowrbxSummon Ticket x1
    noclypsoSummon Ticket x1

    How to Redeem Codes

    In order to redeem these codes, launch Anime Adventures, and as soon as you spawn in your lobby, to your left you will find the Codes section. Make your way to the Codes section in the lobby and a text box will now appear on your screen. Now, write the exact code in this text box and hit redeem to get your rewards.

    Well, that wraps up all the Roblox Anime Adventures codes for April 2023. Congratulations on successfully getting your hands on all the active codes for April 2023 and Good Luck in redeeming those. Do let us know in the comment section below which Roblox experience should we cover next. Also, consider subscribing to our mailing list down below so you don’t miss out on any latest codes, guides, or updates.

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