Rise in single-player games over multiplayer games

    Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to games that they prefer. But recently there has been a sudden shift in more players inclining towards single-player games over multiplayer games.

    With the releases of action-packed battle royale games like Fornite and Call of Duty. You would think that everyone who has a gaming console would be waiting in the lobby waiting to get launched in the battle arena. That is hardly the case, more and more players are shifting towards single-player games. The forums for the releases of single-player RPGs are more saturated than the discussions on the release of a new battle pass.

    There are plenty of reasons for this shift. The primary one is that people cannot relax playing a loud shooting game. After a tiring long day, people would more likely inch towards games that are more calming and unwinding to play. Multiplayer games do not provide this luxury to players.

    Another reason for the incline is the fact that single-player games provide much more perks than multiplayer ones. Players can enjoy the environment of the game, find hidden chests, and in a well-written game, discover lore. Single-player games give the players a chance to play the game at their own pace. They reward the user for picking up on hints or finding secret spots. In contrast, multiplayer games are chaos-deriven, time-limited competitive grounds.

    Not saying that multiplayer games don’t have their admiration among the gamers. Millions of players play multiplayer games. If you are someone who enjoys co-oping with people who share the same passion for a game multiplayer is definitely for you. Competetive people might even unwind screaming at screens. To each their own.

    In my opinion, games that focus more on immersion rather than who can stay alive the longest tend to get more attention as it caters to the audience who are more into recreation rather than competition. These games radiate the same energy as movies or books where paying attention is rewarding.

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    Mofeeza Masood
    Mofeeza Masood
    A gaming enthusiast, binge-watcher, and writer helping confused gamers with the levels they are stuck on and picky watchers with what they should binge next.
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