GamingPuzzleReturn to Monkey Island: How to Get the Horse Armor

    Return to Monkey Island: How to Get the Horse Armor

    The modern video game business has a ton of fantastic adventure games, but Return to Monkey Island seems to be getting a lot of attention right now. With this project, you can visit a variety of places and take part in thrilling pirate-themed activities. Today we will discuss a unique bonus that the makers offered for individuals who pre-ordered the game. Let’s get into the details about Horse Armor in Return to Monkey Island.

    Return to Monkey Island is a point-and-click adventure game with current sequel roots that also features a special DLC pre-order incentive because it is a brand-new title coming out in 2022. Of course, the subject of discussion today is the infamous piece of armor known as the horse armor.

    What is Horse Armor?

    Teased as a unique preorder, Horse Armor was revealed after announcing the game’s official release date. This was later revealed to be nothing more than a delivery of gorgeous horse armor that will look amazing in your inventory. However, it is made clear in his last legal disclaimer that the armor won’t be used in-game and won’t in any way add to the gameplay, puzzles, or story of Return to Monkey Island.

    This completely pointless item is, of course, a very direct allusion to Bethesda’s now-famous Elder Scrolls: Oblivion horse armor DLC blunder, in which the company offered players a phony horse armor pack for about $2. Similar to Monkey Island’s advertised set of equestrian protection, the pack was just decorative and had no gameplay effect, serving only as a way for the developer to extort a little more money from gamers.

    Purpose of Horse Armor

    The horse will show up in your inventory when you begin the game if you pre-ordered it. You can only obtain it in that way. You’ll want to learn how to use the Horse Armor if you do happen to have it. Well, unfortunately, there is no use for it. As several people had initially suspected, it actually does nothing.

    Given that it was being pitched in the same preorder trailer by fast-talking used boat salesperson Stan S. Stanman, that should have been fairly obvious. He said it will look fantastic in your inventory, and that is all it will do. Return to Monkey Island is a puzzle game, so it wouldn’t be just to give some players a bonus item’s edge.

    How to get it?

    There is no way to get it now unless the game announces it. For now, it is only for people who pre-ordered it and there is no other way to get it at the moment. There doesn’t appear to be a method to obtain this exclusive item at the moment because the game was released on September 19 instead.

    This is all we can tell you about Return to Monkey Island Horse Armor. If needed, you can check out this Guide to get the Eyepatch in Return to Monkey Island which goes into detail with pictures.

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