GamingRed Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Locations - Part 2 (Stagecoach and Shops)

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Locations – Part 2 (Stagecoach and Shops)

    Red Dead Redemption 2, developed by Rockstar Games, is an action-packed RPG. One of the main chunks of the game revolves around robberies. However, committing a stealth robbery might not be as easy as you think. There are a lot of places interspersed across the map where you can commit these robberies. But do remember that it is always easier to get away with these at night than in the middle of the day. In this guide, we will let you know about all Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Locations:

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    Stagecoach Locations

    These robberies are available from the start of the game but they do pay you way better if you have completed the quest ‘The Spines of America’ of Chapter 2 before. And six additional robbery missions will be unlocked for you after you are done with the ‘Friends in Very Low Places’ quest of Chapter 3. 

    You will need to talk to two suffering employees Hector and Alden, at the Strawberry and Rhodes post offices to get hints about the locations. The additional notes will be given in your satchel that will reveal more information about your targeted coaches:

    Fort Riggs Stagecoach 

    Talk to Hector and Head to Blackwater coming to River road near Fort Riggs. The place isn’t very heavily guarded, you can always go all guns blazing or wait out a strategy on top of the mountain past the river. Once you’re in, break open the lockbox at the back of the coach. This will earn you $110.

    Appleseed Timber Stagecoach

    You will come across this location just Northeast of Strawberry. You can either shoot through the guards or plant a dynamite on the road. You will find money in a box at the back.

    Owanjila Stagecoach

    Head over to the West of Strawberry. An armored coach is carrying the bank’s money to Owanjila. The easiest way to do it is to light a dynamite, kill a few guards, throw the stick into the coach to blow it up, and retrieve the money.

    North Scarlett Meadows Coach 

    The tip for this coach will be given to you by Alden. A stagecoach will be carrying antiques Northwest of Blackwater. Wait for it to appear, make the driver stop the coach by making him check the tires then use the Dead Eye skill to get rid of him. 

    Then just carefully drive the stagecoach to Seamus at the Emerald Ranch Fence to get paid. 

    South Scarlett Meadows Coach

    After Alden informs you about the coach heading through a road southwest at Bolger Glade, go there and wait for it. Take the driver out and interrogate the passenger who, out of fear, will point you to the location of the lockbox. Take the money and drive the carriage over to Seamus for $25.

    Coach Convoy 

    This is the last tip Aiden gives you. A coach is heading to the Railway bridge northeast of Hill Haven Ranch. This unlike the previous ones will be heavily guarded so the best approach is to stand on the bridge and snipe the guards from a distance. Collect cash from lockboxes at the back of each coach after you have successfully looted them. 

    Time-sensitive Robberies

    There will also be some time-sensitive coach robberies. These are their locations:


    This will take place on the outskirts of Valentine’s.


    Head over to Northwest of Dewberry Creek.


    This will happen at the Van Der Linde’s camp.


    Make your way to Shady Belle mansion.

    Shop Locations

    Shop robberies can be very interesting as the shops always have small stories to tell and rewards for you to claim. The key is to go walk around looking for some clues yourself and then talk to the shop owner. These are the locations of the shops you can rob:

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Locations

    Rhodes Gunsmith

    The first thing you will notice when you head over to the gunsmith’s store in Rhodes, will be a boy asking for help from the basement. Confront and threaten the owner with a gun until he takes you down to the basement. The boy is a kidnap victim, to free him, shoot his chains. Then grab both the Lockbox and the Weapon Case containing the Lancaster Repeater.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Locations

    Saint-Denis Gunsmith

    Head over to Saint-Denis and knock on the locked door in the backroom of the Gunsmith’s shop. Force the shopkeeper to open the door for you as he will be hesitant at first. Then threaten the guard as soon as you’re in so he reveals the location of the gambling room. Navigate to the third floor, then go through door number two. Check the vault after taking the cash off the table.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Locations

    Strawberry General Store

    Head back to Strawberry and check for a window under the front porch of the shop. After a quick peek through the window, head inside and threaten him at gunpoint. He will give in and take you to the basement where after persistent threats, he will finally let you know about the hidden stash behind a loose brick. 

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Locations

    Valentine Doctor

    Head over to the doctor’s building in Valentine where you will find a security door. Knocking on it will do you not much good so straightaway threatens the doctor till he opens the locked door for you but you need to be ready since you’ll be shot the second he does! Take all the people out of the room and run away with all the money on the table and the Schofield Revolver from the weapon case.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Locations

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