GamingHow to raise more Virtue Stats and Charisma in Lost Ark

    How to raise more Virtue Stats and Charisma in Lost Ark

    The Lost Ark is a massive multiplayer action-packed game with a beautifully designed world. This game comes with simple but engaging gameplay that enables you to fight your foes with much ease. Moreover, the vast variety of classes and subclass will keep you engaged throughout the game. You just have to save the world from bad and corrupt elements in this game. In this article, we will provide some ways to raise more virtue stats and charisma in Lost Ark. This thing will help you to overcome your enemies with much ease.

    This article will provide you with several ways to increase the virtue stats and charisma of your character. From completing game missions to using a potion to raise charisma, all these ways will help you strengthen your reputation during the game.

    1. Permanent Stat Increases

    increase the virtue stats and charisma
    Codex Tab: Permanent Stat Increase options

    Codex tab provides you with necessary and important items that will help you to maximize your stat requirements and gain more charisma potions from different Rapports. On codex click on the character growth tab and one by one select the last four options. These options permanent stat increase: wisdom, charisma, kindness, and courage will provide you with the biggest virtue stat gains. However, you will get the charisma potions from different sources.

    2. Raise stats by certain achievements

    You must accomplish certain tasks and achieve a limited amount of charisma potion. All of the four virtues in Lost Ark: wisdom, charisma, courage, and kindness consists of small level side tasks. The achievements you gain through these tasks are going to help you increase the virtue stats and charisma in the game.

    3. Complete the Adventure’s Tome

    increase the virtue stats and charisma
    Adventure’s Tom Tab shows multiple sections that need to be explored.

    This is another way to raise your virtue stats. Complete all the continents in the Adventure’s Tome and visit each area in it. Look for different vistas and collectibles in this quest and then you must finish the dungeons to acquire the permanent stats. Moreover, you need to need a solid grip over the rapport for all the NPCs. The above image will help you during your Adventure’s Tome journey.

    4. Use Cosmetics to increase the virtue stats and charisma

    Character Profile Tab shows skins with different stats

    You can get some extra and valuable virtue stats through the cosmetics. You can earn these cosmetics from the game, shop, or from blue crystals. These skins will provide you a good amount of charisma important for the Rapport checks. Other than the skins, you can also find other accessories on this tab with different stats.

    5. Collectibles Tab to increase the virtue stats and charisma

    Collectibles Tab: Displaying rewards

    On this tab, you will find some rewards in the form of extra potions. These extra potions will play an important part in raising your charisma.

    6. Complete the Rapports of all NPCs

    Rapport Tab: Shows multiple NPCs with their reports

    You can get a bunch of virtue stats and charisma by completing the Rapports and advancing Rapports for all the NPCs. Moreover, interact with other NPCs, progress the report, and they will give more and more rewards. However, there are some specific NPCs, those who give major benefits to you such as Nia and Blackfang.

    You can easily raise more virtue stats and charisma through the above-mentioned methods. However, each method has its own style of rewarding charisma and virtue stats. Follow this article to boost your stats and gaming experience. For more guides, keep following Retrology.

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