Queen’s Gate Lost Marbles locations In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

    Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a game with amazing standalone gameplay and all sorts of useful collectibles to find. Lost Marbles are one of many of the game’s collectible and collecting them will help you in completing the game’s campaign challenges. Since they are an advantageous collectible they are not so easy to find. Fret not as we have compiled the locations of both the Lost Marbles in Queen’s Gate in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. So follow along with the guide and collect them.

    There aren’t many Lost Marbles to find considering there are over 250 Lucky Dice locations spread throughout Shattergrave Barrow to Snoring Valley. Collecting the Lucky Dice also gives you a nice strength buff.

    Lost Marble 1

    The first Lost Marble is located at the goblin’s hideout. After you shot out of the first catapult go past the archway towards the main gate. You will find the marble on the backside of the area.

    Lost Marble 2

    The second Lost Marble is located in the castle ruins. You will have to come back to it after completing the main quest and opening other areas on the map. Be sure to mind the traps as you go upstairs from the half-open door. The Lost Marble is near the slits in the wall.

    That is all for the Lost Marbles locations in Queen’s Gate. For extra strength buff, do check out our guides to the Lucky Dice locations both in Shattergrave Barrow and Snoring Valley. For more Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands keep following Retrology.

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