Psychonauts 2: Quarry Collectibles Guide

    Psychonauts 2 is a third-person platform game similar in gameplay to its predecessor. The player controls Raz, a recently graduated Psychonaut with dominant psychic abilities, as he digs into the minds of others.

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    The Quarry is a real-world location in the game Psychonauts 2. It is a huge flooded quarry that you’re able to explore via floating platforms, canoe, or a mixture of platforming, ivy climbing, and rail grinding. In this guide, you will find an extensive list of some of the harder-to-reach collectibles that can be found here.

    Some of the collectibles are in areas only made accessible if you have Pouncy Ball Levitation upgrade and the Dark Thoughts Mental Connection upgrade.

    PSI Challenge Cards in the Quarry

    Challenge Card #1

    You’ll find this card on the Balcony of the Pirate Radio Station.

    Challenge Card #2

    The card is right above the Pirate Radio Station but to get there you have to Climb the flagpole to reach the railing and grab the card.

    Challenge Card #3

    The card is found on the way to Becky’s cave. Try to search it on a rock platform behind you after you reach the trapeze part of the cave.

    Challenge Card #4, 5

    To get this card you have to go inside Blastcap Becky’s cave, head to the back of the cave, and turn around. Climb the platform upward to reach the cards’ hidden location.

    Challenge Card #6

    Drop down to the entrance of the abandoned mine to look for the card close to a waterfront.

    Challenge Card #7

    Keep going right from the Motherlobe exit, the card will be floating in the water. To get the card you need to use your levitate power.

    Supply Chests in the Quarry

    Chest #1

    It is located at the top of the Pirate Radio Station.

    Chest #2

    This chest is situated on a platform in Otto’s Lab, in the back right corner. To get there you need to swing from the bars and grind on a rail.

    PSI Challenge Markers in the Quarry

    Challenge Marker #1

    You can find it to the left on the path to the Pirate Radio Station.

    Challenge Marker #2

    You’ll find this one from Otto’s workshop.

    Challenge Marker #3

    By using the Stary thought Tuner on a stone pillar nearby Lili’s Garden will disclose hidden thoughts and you have to use your Mental Connection ability to access them.

    This is all about The Quarry Collectible Location Guide. By following this guide you can complete all the quests. For more guides and interesting content keep following Retrology.


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