Psychonauts 2: All The Collectibles In Questionable Area

    Psychonauts 2 is a platform game developed by Double Fine and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is a third-person platform game similar in gameplay to its predecessor. Just like the first game, Psychonauts 2 has a ton of items that can be collected to help you level up and give you a little world or character lore.

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     Questionable Area is an explorable location in Psychonauts 2 and its entire vibe is based on an old rusty theme park. Questionable Area has plenty of collectibles in Psychonauts 2. There are nearly 27 PSI Challenge Cards, 4 Supply Chests, PSI Challenge Markers, and 4 Scavengesr in total.

    In this guide, we’ll tell you all about the locations of all the collectibles in the Questionable Area of Psychonauts 2.

    Questionable Area PSI Challenge Card Location#1

    It is located in Lumberstack Diner. In front of the Lumberstack Diner, there is an old car. Jump on it to collect the first Questionable Area PSI Challenge Card collectible. After that go check the Lumberstack Diner toilet you’ll find one there too. And another one will be in a booth of Lumberstack Diner.

    Next, card will be at the top of the tree which is right in front of the Lumberstack Diner. Next, there is a cave near Lumberstack Diner, go there punch the cracked rocks. You can get one there.

    Questionable Area PSI Challenge Card Location#2

    Go past the Parking Lot; investigate the side of the area near the trees.

    Questionable Area PSI Challenge Card Location#3

    You need to go toSassyclops Cave near the campfire; there you’ll find your cards.  

    Questionable Area PSI Challenge Card Location#4

    You’ll find one card in the restroom and the other in treetops. And you can get there by the ladder from the restroom.

    Questionable Area PSI Challenge Card Location#5

    You’ll see an abandoned house just past the Funicular; your collectible will be inside that house. The other one will be on the hill, after crossing Frazie.

    Questionable Area PSI Challenge Card Location#6

    On your way to the top of the waterfall, you need to check tightrope and trapeze to find your collectible.

    Questionable Area PSI Challenge Card Location#7

    Go to the Rebel Roundabout Playground to get your collectible. There will be a tree right above this location, another card will be there.

    Questionable Area PSI Challenge Card Location#8

    Go to Forgetful Forest, check for the cave to the right of the entrance. Break the cracked rocks to get the collectible. And don’t forget to check the treetops near the entrance.

    PSI Challenge Markers in the Questionable Area

    There are 7 Challenge Markers. Getting these Challenge Markers is a bit more difficult than collecting cards.

    PSI Challenge Marker Location # 1

    You’ll find this Challenge Marker in Sassyclops Cave. You have to take down a tapestry to reach there.

    PSI Challenge Marker Location # 2

    You can find this one by going to the top of Aquatodome. Keep going upward within a tent to get to the top. Another will be right outside the Aquatodome.

    PSI Challenge Marker Location # 3

    You can find one on a wooden platform in front of the Ladies’ room, in the treetops near the restrooms.

    PSI Challenge Marker Location # 4

    You’ll find this at the top of the abandoned house, after riding across the Funicular.

    PSI Challenge Marker Location # 5

    It is found Right on top of the Lumberstack Diner signage.

    To find Supply Chests and Keys in the Questionable Area

    Supply Location #1

    It is located in the cave near the Lumberstack Diner. To get there you have to break the craked rocks first.

    Supply Location #2

    You need to go to the end of Sassyclops cave and from there swing onto the other platform to finally get the chest.

    Supply Location #3

    Get to the platform near the Aquato Camp. There you’ll find the supply chest.

    Supply Location #4

    It is located behind the waterfall. Go there to get the supply chest.

    Supply Chest Keys

    These keys are spread across the area like collectibles. We will help you find the location of four keys.

         1. You can find your first key near the abandoned house at the funicular’s top. 

    2. The second key will be at the treetops near the restroom.

    3. Another key will be at the platform.

    4. The cave where you first enter the area, above the rail is also hiding the key in it.

    That was all about the collectibles in Questionable Area in Psychonauts 2. For more details and guides keep following Retrology.

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