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    Polymer Locations in Ark Lost Island

    Ark Lost Island is a survival game, which means that gathering resources and overcoming obstacles are the two most important parts. And without resources, players are unable to create necessary materials for survival against natural disasters and hazardous monsters. Everything from regulating hunger to crafting weapons requires resources.

    In Ark Lost Island, Polymer is also a resource. It is used to create strong tools, weapons, and armour. It does not have a lengthy shelf life, but it is really beneficial. As a result, it is preferable to use it immediately for products that are necessary. Here we will talk about Organic Polymer and Regular Polymer locations.

    Ark Lost Island: Polymer Locations

    Snowy Patches

    Organic Polymer is found in the Snowy patches. It can be collected by slaughtering penguins around the lakes in the Snowy Patch area. You may get to this place by following the northside river from the Redwood Castle. The penguins can be spotted along the lake’s edges and even within the water. To efficiently kill the penguins, use a club.

    The coordinates of these areas are:

    • Lat 32.9, Lon 43.1
    • Lat 44.5, Lon 41.1
    • Lat 32.0, Lon 52.0


    You can farm organic Polymer in Ark Lost Island by slaughtering huge creatures known as Mantis. These Praying Mantis live in the Mid-Northern Desert Area. Once you’ve spotted them in the desert, you may kill them with Wyvern to obtain organic Polymer. When searching for Mantis in the desert, be wary of death worms. They have quite large teeth and may cause a lot of harm. Also killing Mantis is a lot harder than penguins so it is a difficult area to start from.

    The coordinates of these areas are:

    • Lat 92.0, Lon 52.1
    • Lat 87.5, Lon 48.0

    Other locations


    The Northeast side of the map. The polymer can be collected here by killing insects located inside the Volcano Cave. While cultivating organic Polymer inside the cave, keep an eye out for Wyverns. You can use a strong-toothed animal to do this work fast.

    The coordinates of this area are:

    Lat 28.3, Lon 59.2

    Jungle River

    You can cultivate organic Polymer by hunting Hesperornis, which can be found along the river on the map’s northwest side. If you follow the river from the coast to where it begins in the ice, you will come across multiple hesperornis. The hesperornis is most abundant near the three massive trees in the center of the forest.

    The coordinates of this area are:

    Lat 20.9, Lon 40.2


    Here you can get regular Polymer by heading to the waterfall river on the map’s northwest side. There are several beaver dams in this area. There is a lot of cementing material inside these beaver dams.

    The coordinates of this area are:

    Lat 33.5, Lon 30.7

    Make Polymer yourself

    Polymer may be created by combining obsidian and paste. Stone and chitin/keratin can be used to produce a paste. A blunt weapon (club) is the finest tool for extracting polymer from corpses. If domesticated, snails can manufacture polymer as well, but at a much slower rate.

    That’s it for Polymer Hunting in Ark Lost Island. If you want to know more about this game, you can get help from the guide section on our site, Retrology.

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