GamingRole-PlayingPokemon Scarlet and Violet - Teach Azumarill Belly Drum

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Teach Azumarill Belly Drum

    This chubby Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is cute and is an excellent choice for Tera Raids Battles. This Pokemon is special in many terms it needs to be taught in its special way rather than conventional methods. Meanwhile, there are many Pokemons like Bagon, Slowpoke, and Pikachu that evolve and learn in the simplest way. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Azumarill Belly Drum guide will be helpful for many players that are in search of it and want to teach it.

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    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Azumarill Belly Drum

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Azumarill Belly Drum
    Azumarill Belly Drum

    As I mentioned above, Azumarill is an ideal choice for the Tera Raids Battles because it’s a perfect monster. A perfect monster that Belly Drum and Play combine to be an ultimate monster in five and six-star Tera Raids.

    So, you can’t help Azurmarill learn with traditional methods. You teach Belly Drum to Azumarill, you have to make some effort and spend some Poke Dollars. This will help you easily so come along to learn it. 

    The situation gets tricky because of the Azumarill upgrading or evolving. There isn’t ™ of Belly Drum. So, there’s another way.

    You have to head to Cascarrafa city. There you have to look for the Delibird Presents Store. This will be located on the second floor of the town. Enter the store and ask for the Mirror Herb. It will cost you 30,000 Poke Dollars. This statement describes the herb well.

    “An item to be held by a Pokemon. This herb will allow the holder to mirror an opponent’s stat increases to boost its stats- but only once.”

    Well, it doesn’t sound like anything special so what’s its use? The unique ability of this herb is that it can pick up the ability of the opponent in combat. Now, it’s fancy to copy the Pokemon’s move.

    To see the Belly Drum, you need to have Hariyama. For this, you have to find it. As you find it, add it to your party and also, remove the other Pokemons from there. Next, go to your Azumarill.

    Remove one of its moves so that there are only three left. Now, you have to take both of the Pokemons to picnic and here the Belly Drum will move to the Azumarill.

    You have done your part of the story now. During the picnic, you will see the Belly drum move to the Azumarill. Great job! You have achieved the best for the Tera Raid Battles.

    This Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Azumarill Belly Drum guide will be helpful if you follow it properly. This will get you the Belly Drum to Azumarill easily. If you’re looking for more such gaming guides, then you can check the Gaming page of Retrology.

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