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    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – How to get Koraidon & Miraidon

    There are various Pokemon, you will come across during your venture into the World of Pokemon SV. While some resemble the innocence of Kirby, others are not so friendly. Among various Pokemon from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there are limited options to help the players to travel.

    One of them is Koraidon and it is deeply connected to the title of the game as well. If you didn’t know how then join us to get through the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Koraidon guide. This will help you know who they are and how are connected to the game title.

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Koraidon and Miraidon

    Koraidon and Miraidon Location
    Koraidon and Miraidon Location

    These Pokemons are in the Paldea region which is just like the open world in Spain. You will see it at the bottom of the Great Crater of Paldea after completing Pokemon Scarlet. These Pokemon are very useful to cover a good range of milage. Or else, it will be very tiresome for the players to travel everywhere on foot.

    If you didn’t know why Koraidon and Miraidon are closely connected to the game title, allow me to increase your Pokemon knowledge. The developers allow the players to get the Pokemon the name they access as Koraidon (Scarlet) or Miraidon (Violet). This is how they can access the vehicles that they use to travel anywhere. Let’s get to how to get them but first, Koraidon. Here is the basic information and stats on it.

    Paldea Pokedex: #399 Koraidon
    Type: Fighting/Dragon
    Ability: Orichalcum Pulse
    Height: 8’02”
    Evolution: No Evolution

    • HP: 100
    • Attack: 135
    • Defense: 115
    • Special Attack: 85
    • Special Defense: 100
    • Speed: 135
    • Total Combat Points: 670
    How to get Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
    How to get Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    For Koraidon, you have to look at the map to spot their location. Head to the place and move around the area to capture. Keep looking for it and as soon as you can see a research camp over there. Enter it and select the fourth Research Lab. Head over to the lab and teleport to the cave.

    Fly to reach the bridge joining the mountains. Reach there and capture the Koraidon. This maneuver Pokemon is great to collect and use wherever you need to travel. Next, Miraidon and its basic information and stats.

    Paldea Pokedex: #400 Miraidon
    Type: Electric/Dragon
    Ability: Hadron Engine
    Height: 11’06”
    Evolution: No Evolution

    • HP: 100
    • Attack: 85
    • Defense: 100
    • Special Attack: 135
    • Special Defense: 115
    • Speed: 135
    • Total Combat Points: 670
    Koraidon Captured
    Koraidon Captured

    Next, move towards the West Province (Area Three) in the crater area. here you can unlock the Legendary Pokemon. Now, you have both of the Pokemon at your command. Great job!

    The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Koraidon guide is detailed for you with all the basics, stats, and locations where to find them. It’s a great way to find them and for such gaming guides, check the Guides page of Retrology.

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