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    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – How to catch Iron Moth

    New game, new Pokemons. In the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can see new Pokemons. You can capture them like Bagon and also evolve like Slowpoke. There are many others that you do have. Having them by your side will be helpful and give you an upper hand in combats. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Iron Moth guide will help you to what is this Pokemon, where to find it, and how good its stats are.

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    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Iron Moth

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Iron Moth
    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Iron Moth

    Thankfully, previous and new Pokemons are launched in this new version. It is quite fun to have new Pokemons with the latest features. Iron Moth aka Quark Drive is a Fire/Poison-type Paradox Pokemon. This Pokemon has proficient stats in Electric Terrian or when the opponent Pokemon has Booster Energy.

    Unlike other Pokemons, it cannot evolve. Before we dive into the details, allow me to educate you about this basic info. Such as:

    • HP: 80
    • Attack: 70
    • Defense: 60
    • Special Attack: 140
    • Special Defense: 110
    • Speed: 110
    • Total Combat Points: 570

    Unfortunately, you can only find Iron Moth in Pokemon Violet but not in Scarlet. You can find it in the First Research Area of the Great Paldean Crater. Moving forward to complete The Way Home quest. You can quickly find it as you head outside Research Station No. 1 . Also, it can be seen in this wild area of Area Zero just like any other Pokemon. But of course, this won’t be easy.

    You have to complete the tri walkthrough stories: Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street. After you complete these stories series, then you can access the Zero Area region. Here, you will also have other Pokemons like Scream Tail also. I guess this information is much for your information. Let’s move to the main point of getting it to your Pokedex.

    How to Catch Iron Moth

    Iron Moth
    Iron Moth

    As soon as you access the area, enter the zone. Go ahead and reach the research center. As you enter the center, you have to choose where you wish to move. Choose Research Center No. 1. As you enter the lab, look for another exit and approach there.

    As you exit the lab door, you will see a vast open ground. Walk ahead into the land and looks around a little. You will easily find the Iron Moth and get it to Pokedex. Let me help you with the tips that can help you if you have Iron Moth against you.

    This Pokemon gets weakened with the ground, water, psychic and rock-type Pokemon. Along with this, Iron Moth resists the following: fire, ice, fighting, poison, steel, grass, bug, and fairy-type Pokemon.

    This Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Iron Moth guide will help you a lot with finding and catching it. Have this legendary Pokemon in your team and continue with your progress.

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