GamingRole-PlayingPokemon Scarlet and Violet all purple stakes locations guide

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet all purple stakes locations guide

    To obtain the shrine rune legendary pokemon in the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you must collect all of the color stakes spread throughout the map. There are multiple colors for stakes and each lead to a different pokemon. One of those is purple stake which, when collected all, leads to a pokemon called, Wo-Chien. This guide will help you how to locate all of the purple stakes present in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so you can get your hands on the rare pokemon, Wo-Chien.

    Purple Stake # 1

    The first stake is accessible through Artazon (West), which is located immediately south of the Pokemon Center. Continue south on the ledge and ascend the wall. The stake is set on top of a hill there.

    Purple Stake # 2

    Head northeast from Los Platos and up to the hills for the second purple stake. The purple stake overlooking Mesagoza city can be found here.

    Purple Stake # 3

    This stake is at the top of a plateau, and you may need to gain powers like a high jump and glide to get there. If you’re coming from Los Platos road, this stake is somewhat to the northeast of the Pokemon Center in front of Mesagoza.

    Purple Stake # 4

    This stake is located in the South Province, east of Mesagoza, and has a desert-like atmosphere. Go west, along the top of the cliffs, from the South Province (Area Three) Pokemon Center. The purple stake is facing the city and overlooks a Pokemon Center and the Mesagoza to the west.

    Purple Stake # 5

    The next purple stake is beside a lake near Los Platos. Begin your purple stake quest at the Los Platos Pokemon Center, then proceed southwest to the lake. This stake also has a view of the lighthouse you and Nemona climbed at the beginning of the game.

    Purple Stake # 6

    The purple stake is located in the South Province (Area Five). It appears to be placed atop a plateau. Looking at the map, you’ll notice a spiral hill to the northeast; climb to the top of this to find the purple stake. Mesagoza is to the southeast, and Los Platos is to the northeast.

    Purple Stake # 7

    This Purple Stake is located in the East Province, between Mesagoza and Artazon (Area One). After finding the Watchtower in South Province (Area Three), proceed north to find various canyons. Look for it at the top of a patch of land that stands out on the world map on the north side of these canyons.

    Purple Stake # 8

    Purple Stake 8 is near a lake in South Province (Area One), although it is also close to South Province (Area Five). Travel southwest from South Province (Area Five), or southeast from Area One. The sole hint is that there are some ruins here. The final purple stake can be found on the plateau to the east of here.

    Purple Portal and Wo-Chien

    When you pull up the final stake, a message will appear informing you that something has stirred and you will be directed to the shrine itself.

    The map shows the position of the gateway. Simply leap off the cliff near the last stake place to reach the portal gate. Make sure you’re ready before entering a battle with Wo-Chien. It is a Level 60 Ruin Legendary Pokémon which is unlocked as a reward for the purple stake task.

    Wo-Chien - Ruin Legendary Pokémon
    Wo-Chien – Ruin Legendary Pokémon

    That’s the end of the article for the details related to purple stakes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more help in gaming, check out our guides section.

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