Pokémon Legends: Arceus Ramanas Island Combee location

    You’ll be required to capture a Combee on Ramanas Island as part of Pokémon Legends: Arceus Request 57: The Taste of Honey. The Combee is harder to find than the other Combees from this request because it is a rarer find. We’ll describe how to catch Combee on this specific Island in this guide so you can complete the task and collect some unique delectable rewards.

    Just like Combee, Burmy too is a nifty little pokemon that some players have trouble catching. You can learn how to catch him here.

    Pokémon Legends: Arceus Combee location

    combee ramanas island

    The Ramanas Island Combee can only be found in acorn-filled trees, unlike most other Combee sites. As seen on the accompanying map, there are five trees on the Island that are capable of holding a Combee.

    To fit a Ramanas Island Combee, the tree will need to wiggle, but the appearance rate is extremely low. As a result, you might need to visit Ramanas Island, enter the Obsidian Fieldlands region, and search the trees multiple times before you find one.

    combee ramanas island

    You should return to Jubilife Village before visiting the Obsidian Fieldlands once again if no trees are trembling. Continue doing this until one of the trees begins to shake, then launch a Pokémon at it. If you’re fortunate, a Combee will drop out and start a fight.

    On this Island, the Combee are relatively weak; they are often around level 16. An Alpha Combee, if you were to run into one, would be approximately Level 32. Because of this, exercise caution when deploying tougher Pokémon against them. On Ramanas Island, we advise launching an Ultra Ball right away to catch a Combee. It might get away once, but you should only use a few of those before you catch it.

    combee ramanas island

    Make your way back to Almous in Jubilife Village once you’ve boarded the Ramanas Island Combee. He is in one of the homes on the main street of the community. If you are unsure of which home belongs to him, mark the Request as active. He’ll give the honey a little unnerving slurp before rewarding you with three King’s Leaf and three Dazzling Honey. Not great, but you can cross this one off your list at least.

    That is all there is to know about catching the Ramanas Island Combee in Pokémon Legends: Arceus for Request 57: The Taste of Honey. Visit our hub page for more game-related advice, where we may assist with a variety of needs.

    That’s it for this guide. For more help on Pokémon Legends: Arceus quests, guides, tips/tricks, and much more check out Retrology.

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