GamingRole-PlayingPokemon Arceus Fire Stone Location

    Pokemon Arceus Fire Stone Location

    Pokemon Arceus has an item called the Fire Stone that can cause some Pokémon species to evolve. The stone’s heart is a blazing shade of orange. The location of the Fire Stone in Pokemon Arceus is shown in this guide.

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    Fire Stone Description

    “A strange stone that can cause some Pokemon species to evolve. The stone’s heart is a blazing shade of orange.”

    How to Get Fire Stone

    How to get rewarded with Fire Stone

    • Jubilife Village – After finishing Request 52, “Eevee’s Evolutions,” in Jubilife Village, you can select the fire stone, a Water Stone, or a Thunderstone as your prize to evolve your eevee.

    Where to Buy Fire Stone

    Jublife Village

    • Jubilife Village – “Ginter’s Specials” is available at the store and costs 5000 Pokedollars.
    • Jubilife Village – It is offered in the “Trading Post” and costs 1000 MP.

    Where to Find Fire Stone

    • Ore Deposits – The fire stone can be randomly discovered in Red Ore Deposits
    • Space-Time Distortions – Occasionally encountered when in the Space-time Distortions.

    Fire Stone Evolutions

    In Legends Arceus, you can evolve the following Pokemon with Fire Stones:

    • Eevee > Flareon
    • Hisuian Growlithe > Hisuian Arcanine
    • Vulpix > Ninetales

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus features the evolutionary item known as the Fire Stone. The location of Fire Stone, the Pokemon that evolve using Fire Stone, and all other uses are explained in this guide for Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

    Evolving Eevee Into Flareon

    Eevee is a first-generation fan favorite due to its endearing appearance and ability to develop into seven unique Pokemon. One of them is Flareon, a fire-type Pokemon that requires the player’s Eevee to use a Fire Stone. Unlike its previous evolutions, Syvleon, Umbreon, and Espeon are influenced by factors like affection and time of day.

    Evolving Growlithe Into Arcanine

    Pokemon Arceus Fire Stone Location

    Another first-generation Pokemon that you can evolve with a Fire Stone is Growlithe, a Pokemon with traits inspired by dogs. Growlithe was introduced to the series more than 25 years ago, but due to its size and power, it is still one of the most well-known Pokemon today.

    Evolving Vulpix Into Ninetales

    Pokemon Arceus Fire Stone Location

    The pure Fire-type Pokemon Vulpix, which evolves by using a Fire Stone, has historically been available only in Pokemon games. The regional Alolan variation evolves using an Ice Stone rather than a Fire Stone and is of the Ice and Fairy types. It was acquired during the genesis of the Sun and Moon.

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