GamingPoint and ClickPentiment Volvelle Puzzle - Complete Solution

    Pentiment Volvelle Puzzle – Complete Solution

    Pentiment is a mystery-solving game that is one of its own kind as the gameplay is from the 16th Century. There are puzzles that you need to solve but they aren’t easy at all. They are used to convey messages from one side to another. Here is the Pentiment Volvelle puzzle solution for you to solve the puzzle and decode the hidden messages in it.

    If you don’t know about a volvelle then let me help you understand it. It’s a rotating paper wheel chart that you can easily find in many mathematical and astronomical books. It’s made by joining many layers of paper that are connected in the center that are attached with a string so it can be rotated. They are used for educational purposes but here they are being used to hide some kind of code. Like a coded message

    How to solve Volvelle Puzzle in Pentiment

    How to solve Volvelle Puzzle in Pentiment
    How to solve Volvelle Puzzle in Pentiment

    Solution # 1

    Here, I will try to help you out with two options as you solve it. Let’s start with Andreas who has the volvelle. The top wheel has Greek letters on it and the wheel below it has Latin characters that can be seen through as they are cut out. The outer wheel or the Greek letters wheel is divided into four sections with each section denoted with a specific elemental symbol.

    If you have the Earth and Heaven perks, the lines connecting the holes will recreate the form of constellations and Andreas will note it down. Those constellations will be Cassiopeia, the Great Wagon, Libra, and Aries. The Logician perk informs you about it and also updates you with the number of letters and disc sizes. It will create space for four versions of Latin letters.

    Your first attempt will not be fruitful. Head towards the scriptorium and work there. Everyone leaves and you will be left alone working. Later, Brother Ferenc will enter and when he doesn’t find Andreas around, he clutches something on volvelle. He scribbles some notes in a boom that is placed on a lectern that is a good distance on the right of the scriptorium.

    On the very same day, during vespers, you will be able to see the book and look at what’s written in it. The words will be Doctor of Theology and Georg of Gran. Interact with those words and have a short talk with Ferenc. Here, you will understand the hidden code behind those words. These are the symbols for Libra, Capricorn, and Aries. There are Greek words written beneath it. Andreas hasn’t merged them so there are two possible outcomes of this puzzle.

    The first one is to go to the library when it gets dark. You have to use the secret route in the crypt and examine several books to find the answer. But you have to wait for the night of the second day which will cost you a whole time block.

    Solution # 2: Werner Stolz

    Another solution is to go to Werner Stolz. He will be on the northern side of the town. He is a bit irritating but he’s very well knowledgeable about astrological symbols. This option is most effective as it helps you progress through the game smoothly. Head back to the Prior’s house and reach the volvelle.

    Finally, solve the puzzle by looking at the astronomical symbol with its meaning. For example, it’s an air sign. You have to rotate the Greek wheel till you reach the color of that element in the white space that corresponds to it. Here, Libra is the air symbol. You have to select the yellow color that is ‘h’. Press a and the selected letter will be locked on a dashed line. Next, you will automatically move on to the next letter. 

    You have to complete all 9 characters in the same way which will turn out to be the word ‘highland’. And as a result, you will get two achievements. Both Record and Baby achievements. In the end, you have completed the Pentiment Volvelle puzzle smoothly. This guide has all the steps very well described for you to understand. For such guides, check the Guides page of Retrology for any game assistance.

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