Overwatch developers are updating Hanzo’s new Winter Wonderland “Casual” skin – following fans’ feedback.

    As the players are amid the Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch – new mode, features, and some fresh skins are being rejoiced. Talking about skins, this new event started off with seven new legendary outfits for the characters. However, Hanzo’s new “Casual” skin fell victim to the fans’ complaints and ultimately has led the developers to do a makeover of its current appearance.

    Overwatch’s famous archer’s new “Casual” skin was given both positive and negative feedback. Even though many fans loved the new outfit and look, but for many others as well, the skin wasn’t what they were hoping for. This new look was first glimpsed in the Reflections comic from the past year.

    Since this bit of a reveal, players were expecting the same outfit and character look for the Wonderland event. But what they got eventually was a bit different from the first shown costume and appearance. This led the fans to complain all over the game’s official forums. As described by the official statement, below.

    “The general consensus seems to be that you love the illustration that this skin is based on, but aren’t super happy how it was translated to the game.”

    Following the criticism from the community, Blizzard has officially announced to rework the character’s new skin. This time they are hoping to meet the fans’ expectations and will likely re-design it like the comic version, they showed a year back. Also, the exact release date for this update wasn’t mentioned, but the Community Manager did hint about the patch rolling out, not until January.

    “The goal is to bring the in-game skin more in line with how Hanzo looks in our ‘Reflections’ comic from last year. We don’t have a solid ETA on when these changes will get patched in, but we know it won’t be until sometime in January. Whenever they are patched in, however, the changes will be retroactive—which means that anyone who unlocks Casual Hanzo during this year’s event will see the updates whenever they go live.”

    That said, did you like Hanzo’s Casual skin? Or, you too want it to get updated? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Source: Overwatch Forums

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