GamingOoblets Complete Buff Debuff Guide

    Ooblets Complete Buff Debuff Guide

    If you don’t know how to dance off in Ooblets, don’t stress out about losing. We will help you to learn some moves in this Ooblet’s complete buff debuff guide.

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    Ooblets: Buff Debuff Guide

    Glumberland’s Ooblets is a peaceful game for calming players. Here, you can build farms, have new folks, grow more Ooblets, and have many dance-offs for rewards. If you want to gain rewards in Ooblets, then you have to learn some moves to gain an upper hand. The points must be a good score or else, the enemies will strike you.

    But that’s not it. You have to get the score with buff and debuff fights. Here, the winning team is the one who wins the buff debuff fights. You will be stacking with your bars. If you stack your bars with the right buffs, your team will win a battle worthy of good points. On the other hand, you will get many debuffs that will not let you get any points. And you would be able to use your cards too.

    Hype – Buff

    Hype - Buff
    Hype – Buff

    The Hype is a turn move that increases the dance move’s power. As it adds one point per stack. It directly affects the total points by adding or losing points. There are other moves too. Like stun and warm-up moves. Stun moves aren’t sustainable. And warm-up moves will not be playable for the next couple of rounds.

    Buff is the only buff in the game till now. But it is an excellent one. Even after ten stacks of hype, you can still have the chance to win the round with a good draw even if there are no points left.

    Fluster – Debuff

    Fluster - Debuff
    Fluster – Debuff

    It would be a disappointment to see players enjoying their time with loud music on their new studio speakers. And falls badly on the level out of nowhere. We would let you be on that list.

    Fluster works totally opposite to the Hype move. Here, you will lose a point with it. The points keep decreasing. And the ten stacks of Fluster will never let you win any points for the dance-off round. You can use Fluster for your rivals. And protect the main character. In case the main character is attacked with Fluster, create the counter effect with the Hype as quickly as possible.

    Trepidation – Debuff

    Trepidation - Debuff
    Trepidation – Debuff

    Here, Trepidation is a dangerous move. As it adds useless cards with each stack. In battles with three or fewer Ooblets, the teams will withdraw half of the cards. And this move can destroy all your achievements. If half of the withdrawn cards are useless, the team is doomed.

    Beware of Ooblets while trading benefits. As they might add Trepidation to your deck. This move is not like Hype and Fluster in terms of control. But it’s extremely contagious in tough dance-offs, it’s equivalent to a stun that can turn the table at any moment.

    In the end, the Ooblets buff debuff guide has given all the fresh details for the players to have their points in the good scores and excellent cards in their decks. So, keep up with moves and win every round of dance-offs.

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