OnePlus 6 is rumored to feature an “in-display” fingerprint sensor – could roll out in March 2018

    Back in June, the OnePlus 5 was launched. Later, in November, the OnePlus 5T made its first debut. Right after 5T’s launch, it was reported to be the company’s fastest-selling smartphone and since then, 5T has been getting various improvement updates. Although we did get to hear about the OnePlus 5 and 5T’s HD streaming problem nonetheless, it has proved itself to be one of the best phones of 2017.

    Now, it may be a bit early to talk about OnePlus 6, but the rumors are already rolling in. According to Grizmochina’s report, the OnePlus 6 is rumored to have an ‘in-display fingerprint sensor. Unlike its predecessor, Oneplus 5T, which has the sensor on its back, the Oneplus 6 will reportedly sport it on its front. This under-glass sensor is very preferable as it makes the feature access, very easier and doesn’t even affect the full-screen design.

    The rumor also reveals that the OnePlus 6 would be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset – the latest flagship chip from Qualcomm.

    OnePlus 6 is reported to be coming in early 2018 – precisely in March, as the rumor claims. This may be an early release as November’s OnePlus 5T is still in its prime, but it may be intended so to compete with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 – which is also likely to be rolling out in February, next year.

    All in all, these are still rumors and nothing can be confirmed as of yet. That said, Let us know what you think about the OnePlus 6 and for more on smartphones, stay in touch.

    Source: Gizmochina

    Talha Saqib
    Talha Saqib
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