GamingRole-PlayingNi No Kuni Cross Worlds Classes Explained: Good to Best

    Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Classes Explained: Good to Best

    Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is a cross-platform MMORPG developed by Netmarble that is available on Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. Featuring animation from Studio Ghibli, the newest installment of Ni No Kuni unleashes you into an open world, built on Unreal Engine 4, that is indistinguishable from the animated film. Today we’ll explain the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Classes.

    The allows you to have unique, customizable characters. This is where the idea of classes comes in. Build your character and decorate your own farm along the way. Join a kingdom and make friends in this online masterpiece. You can get Ni No Kuni Codes and find other gaming content on Retrology. Now let’s see the Ni No Kuni Cross World Classes and find the best one.

    Classes: Good to Best


    Rogues are a hunter type class as they have great mobility and they can damage enemies from afar. They can also kite. Rogues can also provide party-wide damage buffs and they also have crowd control abilities.

    Weapon of Choice: Bow
    Core Classes Abilities: Rain of Arrows, Multi-Shot, Evasion Shot
    Ultimate Ability: Spirit Arrow
    Optional Class Skills: Blazing Heart, Solar Flare, Twisted Arrow, Showtime, Overcharge
    Passive Abilities: Quick Move, Burst Charge, Barrier Breaker, Enmity, Death Hunter


    Destroyers can be slow but they are very powerful. They have defensive shielding abilities. They are also the type of class that can ‘tank’ best which makes them the ‘tankiest’ class. It has the power to pull and slow down enemies.

    Weapon of Choice: Hammer
    Core Classes Abilities: Full Swing, Brutal Strike, Ground Slam
    Ultimate Ability: Hammer of Fury
    Optional Class Skills: Frost Shield, War Cry, Gravity Power, Thunder God’s Wrath, Unwavering Heart
    Passive Abilities: Just Guard, Indomitable Soul, Oath of Revenge, Counter Slow, Stand Firm


    Witch belongs to the damage class. It can deal high amounts of damage to the enemy. It also has high mobility and the best part about it is that it has lots of debuff abilities which, if used in the right combo, can be very effective.

    Weapon of Choice: Spear
    Core Classes Abilities: Piercing Storm, Dancing Spear, Storm Spear
    Ultimate Ability: Rain of Spears
    Optional Class Skills: Flame Strike, Crystal Wave, Deadly Strike, Blink, Twilight Nova
    Passive Abilities: Rapid Stream, Armor Crash, Bright Mirror, Final Illusion, Emergency Maneuvers


    Engineers are strong but easily squished. They are the healing class that helps themselves and the entire party. They are the only class that can revive dead characters. Engineers can also help reduce cooldown time for the entire party.

    Weapon of Choice: Gun
    Core Classes Abilities: Burst Coil, Elemental Blast, Explosive Bullet
    Ultimate Ability: Artillery Strike
    Optional Class Skills: Flash Heal, Jammer Pulse, Ressurection, Time Leap, Healing Tree
    Passive Abilities: Protection of Light, Pure Medic, Conversion, Fast Trick, Barrier Mastery


    Swordsman is indeed the best class to have because it is a hybrid class. It employs abilities from many different classes and this makes it diverse and versatile. It can swap between offense and defense and it has the power to blind enemies as well.

    Weapon of Choice: Sword
    Core Classes Abilities: Flash, Flying Slash, Spinning Swords
    Ultimate Ability: Magic Sword Cut
    Optional Class Skills: Fire of Life, Arcane Barrier, Guardian Sanctuary, Blade Spirit Release, Siphon Blade
    Passive Abilities: Defense Call, Last Stand, Fortress, Death Seal, Blind Attack

    We hope that this information will help you choose the best from the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Classes. Jump right into the game and defeat all the enemies that stand in your way.

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